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We Were Counting Stars


One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life? The night sky over Uluru – I think it goes to the top of my list! This place is so remote and so far from all the  light pollution, that you will be able to see, literally – a sky full of stars.

I remember the first nights we were camping in our car – we could see star constellations so clearly, we were in awe! So when we came to Uluru, we also wanted to go stargazing. We could’ve done a tour (because there are many of them) – but we just wanted to have that moment for ourselves.

First evening we found a spot outside our camping place. We stopped on the side of the road and walked up a hill (leading our way with a flashlight,  because we were a bit afraid to meet some creatures out in the desert(em…snakes), but all we saw was a lizard and a mouse-phew :D). There were some more people on the hill, aka the night-sky-enthusiasts/stargazers-community :D, so we stood there and tried to capture the beauty of it. Let me explain a bit –  I am not that great in doing night photography, but I am happy we have some memories from there! It is a good feeling and also a bit strange, when you stand there with your head tilted back, eyes wide open,  trying to figure out what is going on there and where does it end… if it does. (?) Makes you wonder, right?

The second night we decided to go into the park, in one of the sunrise watching spots. We wanted to get a shot of Uluru with the Milky Way above it – I only have a picture of the Milky Way, which is the one you see below 😉 In this place we were completely alone – and as much as it seems romantic, I felt a bit uneasy, haha 😀 Giedrius, on the other hand, was very excited – he loved it there. But I heard the wild dogs (dingoes) barking somewhere a bit further and it is better to keep away from them, especially at night. Despite this, we managed to gaze upon the stars – and even if the pictures can’t show it properly – it was so beautiful!

I do like to think in these moments, that ”it’s all written in the stars”.

We ended our evening in the local pub in our resort/camping place – with some pizza (why does it taste so much better outside???), and some red wine – to toast the day, and it was the best! These are the moments I live for.

I think this will be the last post about Australia for now – I will do a little break, as some other posts are coming, but I will keep you updated. I found so much love for my blog again, and I want to do  some changes – but that is for the future. Talk to you soon!

Love, V.



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