Sunrise Magic


Good morning, guys!

Today, more than ever, I miss this beautiful sunrise! I have always told you that I am up for some sunset chasing, but sunrises are also my “jam“, haha. And the ones we got to experience in Australia, were really special. While in Uluru, we had to wake up really early every morning (5:20 AM or so) to go to a sunrise spot  – and wait for this magic to happen 😉

By the way, the mornings are pretty chilly in the dessert, so be prepared for the occasion – I had a jacket, but somehow decided that shorts are enough to cover my legs. Well, it was not 😀

However, it was so beautiful that I didn’t even care if it was chilly or not. We were standing there, looking at Uluru, and waiting for the first rays of sun to come up – and as at sunset, it was also changing colours – but in a different order. At dawn, it is still pretty much grey-ish, but just wait for that sun to come through – the mountain comes to life – simply beautiful. You can see the transformation in the pictures down below!


We didn’t want to leave yet after the sun came up – we wanted to enjoy a bit more of  this crisp golden hour. We walked in the area, while sun rays were kissing our cheeks and enjoyed the calmness of the morning. As there were many people who came to see the view, not all of them stayed afterwards – so that was a big plus! Some quiet moments just for ourselves –  a great way to start the day. I always feel very happy and energetic if I get to experience this.


The perfect moment.  

Until next time!

Love, V.


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