Exploring Uluru – A 10km Walk in The Red Centre


A trip to Uluru requires a bit more exploring – so I am happy we had two nights and two days planned there. As much as we enjoyed the sunsets and sunrises, we also wanted to be a bit more active – to do a hike or a walk of some kind. Good thing you can do just that at Uluru! It is known that you can still* climb this rock, but aboriginal traditional owners ask you not to do this as this place is sacred and of great importance to them. I always try to be respectful  when it comes to things like these, so I was very happy that the climb was closed due to high winds (…because I have an adventure junkie with me, who would have liked to see the views from above).

But we chose a second best option – to do a base walk around Uluru. It is nearly 10 km in total, and could be done in about 3,5 hours. Without being in a rush, stopping at points of interest and taking it easy – I think we did just that (or maybe a little less). It seemed much longer, though – because it was midday, with the sun high up in the sky, which made it a bit harder. So here’s a tip for you, guys – plan your trip accordingly – try to start a walk or a hike as early as possible (morning, preferably) and carry enough of water with you!

So we walked along the way, stopped at some points of interest – some of them asks you to not take any photographs (which I respected) – and basically soaked up the beauty of this place. It was demanding, but truly worth it. So if you are something like us – I think you would enjoy this experience also. After this, we were tired – but in a good way – and ready for another sunset session!

There’s a little bat hiding in the middle hole. Can you spot it? Oh hey there, little fella! Fun fact: Did you know that what we see today are just the tips of huge rock slabs that continue below the ground for up to six kilometers!**

I hope this will help you when deciding on what to do at Uluru – and you would take all aspects into consideration. Let’s be mindful travelers! This world has so much beauty to offer – we just have to be respectful about it.

(*In November 2017 the land-mark decision was made by the Traditional Owners of this land and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board to close the climb for good. Effective 26 October 2019, marking the 34th anniversary of the Uluru hand-back, the climb will be closed. )

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