Off the Bucket List – the Beautiful Uluru!


What keeps you going on these darker, colder autumn evenings? For me, it’s our amazing memories from all the travels that we had! And at the moment, I have some notifications popping up in my Facebook feed (oh, what a time to be alive, haha!) about our trip to Australia/around the world  last year. I started writing some posts back in March, but I had to hold back on that. As of now, I feel that I want to share everything – of course it takes some time to fully roll into this blogging life – and the first words are the hardest to write when you open a new “Post” page, but bare with me 😉

My last post about our Australian experience was about a hike to Kings Canyon – a place of interest just before you come to Uluru. The same morning, after doing the hike, we headed to – oh yes, you guessed it – the red centre, to see this beautiful, weird, massive monolith that attracts so many people from all over the world.

So this time, last year

…we were preparing to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets of our life. After securing a spot at a campground, we immediately went to  one of the viewing spots (I think we had a good 1,5 hours left until sunset – but there were people waiting already!). So we parked our car and joined the audience 🙂 Every moment was worth the wait. As the sun was setting down, the formation started changing colours – from burnt orange, to brownish ochre, to intense red  – a true feast for the eyes! And cameras, of course – we were snapping some pictures, I am not gonna lie, but we also had plenty of time to enjoy the view.

It is very difficult to express how I felt exactly in that moment – but I remember being very calm and happy – this was my serenity. My run away from everything – my place.

I can honestly say that this memory is imprinted into my mind for life – it happened a year ago – but I still see it in full colours. I think my better half agrees with me on this one 😉 Hopefully, you will agree with me too, after seeing these views…

How beautiful is this? Or maybe I am a sunset nerd, who knows 😀 I believe there are many of us, haha – we should definitely start a club, or something, so raise your hand, if you wanna join! #SunsetLovers

Talk to you very soon ;)*

p.s. have you been to Australia? Would you like to visit? Tell me everything – I want to know!

Love, V.


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