USA road trip with friends! – travel video


Hey! I told you I like to write posts in the evening, haha. My weekend was very long and a bit tiring(work), but still – I wanted to post something today. There was a different blog post in plans, but it definitely can wait, because I have something special  – a travel video from our recent trip to USA (thanks to Martynas – one of our travel companions – for making it-it is his point of view, and all I can say is – we have to step up 😀 )! We went there in August and, well, we had a really good time. A freakin‘ good time! Road tripping along the coast of California, stuffing our faces with In-N-Out burgers, enjoying the views, exploring, waking up early (sorry, guys…but not really :D), hiking and much more… Did I mention we had a good time? But enough of me talking, just check out the video – I promise you, it is worth it 😉

Have a great Sunday evening, talk to you soon ✨

Our travel gang 👫👫: @martynasstonys, @bangabalnaite, @giedriusgedrimas,

Love, V.


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