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August is my favourite month


Well, hello, guys! It’s been a while… ;))

I definitely missed this place, but I also needed some time away from it. Besides, summer was hitting us with full force this year (and I can’t complain!), so we appreciated  it a lot – there has been many weekends in tents, exploring beautiful Norway, and enjoying everything to the fullest 😉

Anyhow, I feel that I am ready to be back (helloooo thousands of photos…👀), so I will make at least a little schedule and will be  posting starting this weekend. Pinky promise 😉

I guess it’s the influence of my favourite month – August – since it’s my birthday soon, and also – my husband and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage today. Quite a milestone, right? ;))

Here’s a short caption from an Instagram post I made today:

“Sometimes the best memories are those straight out of the iPhone 🤙🏻 Hey hubby @giedriusgedrimas, I wanna say congrats to both of US – for these 5 years of marriage, and for 12 years of being together in total!! I mean…😱 It’s been a crazy, fun, memorable ride for sure up until now ♥️ Not the easiest one, but hey, all good things require dedication and some effort 😘 Let’s make a deal and do the same photo in 50 years,- I am really curious to see if them curls last😏, hehe 😜 Love ya!”

Thanks to everyone who’s still reading – it means a lot.

Ready to be back,

Love, V.


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