Road Tripping pt. 2: A 4-wheel-drive Hotel



How’s your Sunday? Hopefully, everyone is rested and ready for a new week. 😉 And maybe for some road trip inspiration? As I wrote at the end of the previous post, on our first day of road tripping we were looking for a place to rest. It was supposed to be very exciting, because it meant that we can try out our luxurious 4-wheel-drive hotel for the first time!  (And if you didn’t get it – it was our rental car 😀 ). It was right after sunset, I was browsing a camping app (WikiCamps – a big thanks to one friend for this suggestion) and our GPS at the same time. Not that many options in the outback, haha. I managed to find one, though, and we immediately decided to stop there. As it was quite dark, the place looked a bit quirky and sketchy – some kind of a roadside Inn, with places for cars to camp, with a parking for truck drivers, and some rooms for fancier travellers. We were greeted by roosters and chickens running around, a good number of toads jumping everywhere, a receptionist with an attitude, and some roaches climbing the walls. Full package to make a good first impression. 😀 We chose a car spot, anyway (we had no options), and decided to go grab a beer (well, G. did), and chill for a while in their outside bar. Yep, with all the fauna around us. It’s safe to say, that I didn’t want to sit there very long.

Soon enough, we went to sleep – and it was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps in my life – it was hot and humid (and we couldn’t open the window because of the flies), and our mattress was squeaky whenever we turned over. But for the same reasons I will remember this night for sure! And even though the first impression was not that good, everything looked completely different in the morning. The chickens and toads were still there, the Inn was still quirky, but I was woken up by the most beautiful sunrise – and everything was good again, haha.

We managed to capture some amazing views that morning… And you can check our hotel room below. 😉


Very nutritious and very delicious breakfast bought in the local shop. Aaaaand…I am craving that mango ice cream right now.

To make our road trip a bit more interesting (remember-there’s a lot of driving), we stopped at one of the attractions – Devils Marbles, and this is what Wikipedia has to say about the place:

“The Devils Marbles are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land, and the reserve protects one of the oldest religious sites in the world as well as the natural rock formations found there. Karlu Karlu is the local Aboriginal term for both the rock features and the surrounding area. The Aboriginal term translates as round boulders and refers to the large boulders found mainly in the western side of the reserve. The origin of the English name for the same boulders is the following quote:

 This is the Devil’s country; he’s even emptied his bag of marbles around the place! – John Ross”


A bit later, Giedrius decided to switch the cars. Sadly, he didn’t go far… I wonder, why 😀

Anyway, we went on the road again – and after several hours we reached Alice Springs – another stop and somewhat point of interest. We strolled around for a little while, sent some postcards, filled up the gas tank, and did grocery shopping. Oh, and  bought a net for a car window (because of the flies), which we fixed with duct tape afterwards :D.

We didn’t stay long there, because we wanted to reach the Kings Canyon that day, but if you are ever visiting the area, and love animals – I would suggest you going to a kangaroo sanctuary (this was on my list, but we didn’t have time…). They rescue orphaned baby  and adult kangaroos and their main mission is to educate and encourage people to rescue and care for kangaroos and other wildlife and animals. How amazing is that!

Our day ended with a colourful sunset – again!- and I kind of felt that we are getting spoiled – but I truly can’t complain about that. We found an overnight spot again – but this time it was only a place by the road. Very remote, silent, and without any light pollution – so we were looking at the stars…

Until next time!


Love, V.

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