Road Tripping: a Journey to Red Centre


Hey night owls! 😉 I hope I am not alone on this one.

I am here to share our remaining stories, and today we are starting our journey to the Red Centre. (Woohoo!!… and that makes me miss this trip a lot…)

After a couple of amazing days in Kakadu National park, we had to get on the road – a long ride (almost 2000 kilometres) was ahead of us. We said goodbye to our crocodile-shaped hotel and started the road trip! To be honest, we had split our 2000 km journey into several parts, so our mission was to make at least 800 km the first day, with several stops along the way. Of course, you can drive longer and further, but it is not recommended to do it when the night falls – because there might be animals on the road (and one thing is for sure – you should be very careful about that!). We managed to spot a Dingo dog and a very shy buffalo – but they both were not that much into posing for pictures 😀

That day we had 2 points of interest in mind – Katherine Gorge and Bitter Springs/Mataranka – and both places are really worth the visit. On our first stop in Katherine we did only a short hike to Baruwei Lookout to enjoy the view of the gorge. It wasn’t the best time to do that as it was midday and the heat has reached its peak at that point, but we did not have any other choice. So we started the loop and after 5 minutes the sweat was dripping off our noses (and my heart was beating like crazy – good thing we had lots of water with us). We enjoyed the nature for about 10 minutes and went back to our car (we decided that staying here longer is not a good idea :D), and we really wanted to visit natural thermal pools in Mataranka! Taking a refreshing dip in clear waters – that is what I am talking about! After about an hour drive we reached the Bitter Springs – spring-fed pools- and G. instantly took a dip! I was not that eager to do so, because it had that funny smell, but the water itself was amazing and crystal clear! We also took a walk there among the palms, and listened to all kinds of birds (and other creatures, probably) making interesting sounds 😀

Later on we drove to another spot, where the thermal pools are turned into closed pools – and the area is the main tourist attraction. The experience was really something to remember – because all the trees there are inhabited by the little red flying-foxes (type of bats), and there are hundreds of them! They visit the area around October, and it is really spectacular to watch – I am not saying it’s pleasant (because they fly, shriek, and poop on your head all the time 😀 ), but interesting for sure.

Hiking to Burawei Lookout in Katherine Gorge. The heat was unbearable!


Bitter Springs – thermal pools.

The red foxes clearly own natural springs in Mataranka.


Cute, aren’t they? :))


Some sunset moments later that day…We were looking for a camping spot. But about that – in the next post!

Love, V.

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