Gunlom Falls in Kakadu


And good evening! Somehow the words for the blog come to me later in the day, so I have to go with it… 😉

Our second day in Kakadu National park started early in the morning – I woke up to cockatoos singing (or rather making very loud noises), grabbed some freshly made coffee (YES!), and did some grocery shopping for the day (in the only store that was in Jabiru). Our breakfast had to be very fancy – while on the go (time saving), and we started moving to our destination – Gunlom waterfalls, which were about 3 hours away. That day we realised the concept of the outback – it is actually only you and the road, as we did not see that many people or tourists on our tour. However, we were very ready for this adventure!

As I remember this was a vanilla rice pudding – very yummy! And we liked the fact that it’s Australian made (and later in the trip we actually looked for this symbol)


The whole thing of driving on the other side of the road was tricky for a couple of days (but Giedrius got used to it, of course 😉 ).

Finally, we saw the sign for our upcoming destination (but we still had about an hour driving after that), and then the fun began. This road felt like driving on a grater – so we were moving very slowly, and could not understand how we should drive. We were really careful at first, but frustrated at the same time, because  at the pace we were moving it meant that we will reach the waterfall really really late… Hm, that was not our plan… And then we saw a couple of cars overtaking us much faster – which is the trick of driving on the road like that – and the fun came back! We were making moves and leaving lots of red dust behind us, haha :))

When we arrived, it was boiling hot – around 42 degrees C, so we had to prepare, because to reach the waterfalls and the creek you had to do a little hike first. So we packed at least 3 liters of water (always stay hydrated!), some snacks for the energy, and started adventuring 😀 The hike was not that bad, a bit steep and only a little challenging (all the heat), but we reached the natural pools and were ready to relax and recharge.

For the next several hours we enjoyed the water and stayed in it as much as possible (because if you were outside on the rocks, your feet were burning!) But it was simply incredible to enjoy the nature itself in those natural infinity pools, overlooking the hills and ridges.

But us would not be us if we didn’t try something a bit more – we climbed even higher, so that we could have one pool for ourselves, without people – and that we could take pictures – and the view was amazing!

Near the parking spot, where we left our car, is a camping and picnic area, but sadly we did not have the time to  sit there (but I would not mind coming back!).

Later that day we also visited another spot, and viewed the most amazing sunset ever – but that will come in another blogpost! Are you hooked on Australia yet? Ah…


Love, V.

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