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And happy start of the week. Today I woke up, and had this good feeling all over – the sun was shining since early morning, and I felt like I finally wanted to do something. For myself 😉 So I took a long walk in the city and enjoyed the sun. I also felt a bit of inspiration, so I will hang onto it and start our travel stories this week! Ah, this is exciting! So, are you ready to travel with us a bit…?


Sunday, 15th of October, 2017. We were in  Singapore airport, waiting for our overnight flight to Darwin, Australia. And all I can remember is that I couldn’t believe it! In fact, I couldn’t believe it until we were in Darwin airport. The whole flight I was trying to imagine how it will be, how it will look, how it will smell there. I was trying to sleep a little but it was worthless, so I just gazed through the airplane window, watching some storm clouds doing their magic (aka lightning show in the skies). Then we landed, and were greeted with some heavy rains and thunder (very normal for that time of the year – so I did not mind it that much). The experience of going through passport control and customs seemed a bit surreal, and as we were a bit tired I do not remember it that much. But then we went to the rental car counter and were greeted by a bit sleepy, but very friendly aussie guy. He fixed our documents for the car, explained where to pick up the vehicle, and wished us good travels. And then it hit me: WE ARE IN AUSTRALIA! And we will be here for the next 18 days. Way too little for a country that big, but a good start for sure 😉

As we had some plans for the day (we had to reach a town of Jabiru in Kakadu National park and buy some equipment for camping), we started moving. It was still quite early in the morning (around 7 AM), so our first mission was to get a good breakfast and some coffee. Don’t judge us, but all we can find that early was a McDonald’s – and we were pleasantly surprised. The food tasted good, but what impressed us was their coffee. A really good coffee (and this impression stayed with us during the whole trip)! After that we found a supermarket where we bought an inflatable mattress, a pump, a couple of camping chairs, a tent,  pillows, blankets and two cute mugs for less than a 100 $ (Australian $).

All set, we started our journey to Jabiru. If I was being completely honest, the landscape at first was not that impressive – just plains with some bushes on both sides of the road, but everything was new, so we tried to notice as much as possible. Yes, on our first day we managed to see several road trains, a couple of not-so-alive kangaroos by the road, a buffalo without the head (yup, you read that right) also on the side of the road, and lots of cockatoos everywhere!

  We arrived to our hotel (which has a shape of a crocodile – no kidding!) a bit too early, but the receptionist was really nice and said that our room was ready and we can check in. We freshened up, jumped in comfier clothes, and went exploring. We wanted to drive to Jim Jim falls (the most popular tour there probably), but we found out that our 4WD is not a 4WD that we need – the roads there get really challenging, so we should be taking a guided tour instead…which is not happening now, because of the heat. Eh… we were sad for like 5 minutes and decided to book a river tour, which ended up being one of the best experiences for sure!

It is called a Yellow Water cruise, and is one of those “must do” activities while visiting Kakadu. If you are a person who enjoys nature, and likes to observe all kinds of animals, this is surely for you! The guides there are not only informative, but very passionate about their job and lifestyle as well – and that makes you interested the whole time. Oh, and they know when to crack a joke, so you will not be bored, haha. Anyhow, during the cruise I felt as if I was watching a BBC documentary – crocodiles, snakes (we spotted one!), colourful birds, – everything was so beautiful. I just needed the voice of sir David Attenborough in my head (calling out all Planet Earth fans out there!). So to get a glimpse of it, I will leave you with the pictures…


I was mostly impressed with this little fella! 

Our day ended in the best possible way – our first sunset in Australia! I can still feel the warmth from that day… All happy, and very very tired we went to our hotel (G. was so tired, he started seeing tall buildings alongside the road – when there clearly weren’t any – and I was concerned at that point, but we got back safely). We went to sleep exhausted, but waiting for the next day – which I will tell you about in the next blog post. So stay tuned!

Love, V.

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