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A snowy start to 2018!


Hey, guys! How are you?

We literally talked last year!

A little update from my side – G. and I had a cozy Christmas with family in Lithuania (and now it seems it was ages ago!), I was reflecting on my life a lot (still do), managed to delete three blogposts by accident (backup, backup, backup! And it means that now I have to re-write them…not that bad, but I was mad at myself 😀 You live and you learn, haha), but the most exciting part was the end of the year – we were in a cabin with friends, celebrated New Years and had the best time ever.


The cabin is located in Sjusjøen, a skiing destination in Norway (30 minute drive with a car from Lillehammer). I don’t know what I was expecting before arriving there, but the location completely blew my mind – a true winter wonderland! The whole time we (I think I can talk for the whole group) felt like children – very happy and enjoying the snow, the cold, and the views every day! In Bergen we experience precipitation in different form, so you bet this was SOMETHING. One morning some of us went out just before sunrise, to capture all the beauty of it. My nose was freezing, and fingers were numb, but who cares!


I think the cabin is located in a perfect spot – we had the views of the cross-country skiing tracks, the beautiful landscape, and a bit of the resort itself! Idyllic, if you ask me 😉

So we spent 5 days there, walking and enjoying the nature everyday, eating lots of pies, a bit of skiing for the guys, playing card games, laughing and just … being in the moment. Oh, we also did a dog sledding tour on a frozen lake, but I’ll write another post about it!


I was dreaming of a snowy, white New Year celebration, and well, my wish came true! Could not have imagined it any other way. I even let my mind to rest a bit and it was refreshing (and it is one of the goals, or wishes this year – let myself breathe more, overthink less ;)).

Love, V.




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