The Marina Bay Sands experience


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*I am writing this post for the second time, because I deleted it *by accident*… I usually try to be cautious about these things, but oh well, life happens. And since I forgot what I exactly wrote the last time, I will try to recover as much as possible and probably put some new bits and pieces to this blog.*

Singapore was our first stop of our 5 week journey around the world. Sadly, a bit too short of a stop, but really memorable – not everyday you get to swim in a pool that floats above the city. And that is probably what pops to your mind when you think about the place – the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel with the infinity pool on the top floor! Now I cannot imagine the city without it – like Paris without the Eiffel tower, or New York without the Statue of Liberty. It has become the symbol of it. So when we bought the tickets and started planning our trip (where to stay,what to do, etc.) of course the thought of staying there crossed my mind, but I was like “naaah, too good to be true”. But too good to be true became a reality when G. said that we have to use this opportunity and pamper ourselves a bit, and it was one of the best decisions we made.

After 3 tiring flights and nearly 24 hours of travelling we finally landed in Singapore. We were greeted with a wave of warmth and humidity, and everything I really wanted was getting to the hotel as quick as possible, taking a refreshing shower and relaxing a bit.

We got to our hotel quite easily (with a MRT train – very convenient), and were more than ready to check in. Everything went really smooth and fast, we got upgraded to a bigger room (which has never happened before so I was excited!), chatted and joked a bit with the receptionist, and were pleasantly surprised when we asked if we could fly our drone from the infinity pool area, and they said YES. *p.s. you can check some drone shots on G.’s Instagram*

I remember the moment when we entered the room – the curtains on the windows started to part leaving us with the view of the city. I was in awe! Well, all I can say is that they really know how to make an impression 😉


We took some moments and enjoyed the view, I had a quick shower and we were ready for the pool!


This pool is really worth the hype, but you have to be aware that there will always be lots of people most of the time – even in the morning, but that did not ruin the experience for us. We rested on the lounge chairs, had a couple of cocktails (I almost fell asleep :D), and as real tourists – took some selfies 😛 You can’t blame us here, the view itself asks to do that, haha.


Later that evening we went for a walk, as we wanted to see a tiny bit of Singapore at night.

When we came back, G. was starving, so we had our first ever room service. And what did we order…? A burger, of course 😀

The next day we woke up at 6 AM, as we anticipated to see the pool without that many people, but you probably already guessed that it’s not possible. And, I really wanted to see the sunrise over the bay – so it was worth it, as the sky went from blueish to warm pink tones. The top floor also has some dining spots, as well as an observation deck and some jacuzzis on the other side of the pool. So whatever your preferences are, I am sure you will find a perfect way to spend your day there.


Giedrius, feeling all bubbly 😀


After some pool time we were pretty hungry, so we found a spot for a late breakfast. As we did not do a good research, we ended up paying a bit more for a breakfast than we would want to (but there are some other options for cafes and restaurants outside the hotel where you can have it cheaper). The food was delicious, though, so no complaints here, only a tip if you want to save a dollar here and there.


The overall experience staying in a hotel was fantastic – from checking in, to enjoying the pool and the views, to later check out and luggage storage if you need that. For us it came in handy, because our flight was later in the evening, and we had almost full day to spare in Singapore.  Our plan was to visit Gardens by the Bay as well, but I will elaborate on that in the next post 😉

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the hotel, so if a visit to Singapore is in your plans, consider Marina Bay Sands as one of the options. I believe, you won’t be disappointed. Have an amazing evening, and talk to you soon. ;)*

Love, V.


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