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Australia: first impressions!


Hey, guys! Oh, I know that it has been some time – but we have been road tripping and having an internet was more of a luxury than a necessity;) But today, after many days on campgrounds and sleeping in a car, we decided to book a hotel – and that means that I have a proper wifi and can share some stuff with you!

As of now, we have already reached South Australia – but we started our journey in Darwin. Since then, we have visited Kakadu National Park, enjoyed the beauty and magic of Uluru and drove on what seemed to be endless roads on our way to Adelaide. Everything here seems a bit unreal, but so so beautiful and full of life! A variety of wildlife really amazes me, it looks like something taken out of a BBC documentary. Oh, and don’t get me started on those sunsets – we have seen pretty spectacular ones!

I promise, I will do proper and full posts on our travels here in Australia,  but for now – I will leave you with some pictures and I’ll try to make some comments here and there. I hope this will bring you some warmth and sunshine – sorry friends back in Norway and Lithuania, I can’t comprehend the fact that winter is coming. 😀

This little fella is the size of a thumb, but he is a very good fisherman;)

Some moments from our boat tour in Kakadu National Park.

It gets really dusty on some roads…

Natural pools to refresh ourselves – very much needed (that day temperatures hit 41 degrees C.)

First sights of kangaroo!

Our morning view while camping in a car – not so bad, right?

First signs that we are going the right way 😉 This experience was really unforgettable! We managed to see two sunsets and two sunrises at Uluru, did a base walk around the rock and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this place – my advice would be – DO IT, without any doubt! I promise you, it will be something 😉

And as for now – have a wonderful day, goodnight from me, and talk to you (probably) soon!


Love, V.


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