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Singapore moments


G’day everyone!

At the moment, when I am typing this, I am already in Australia (and there will be updates, many of them, if I get my hands on some kind of internet 😄!), but I just wanted to share some moments from our stay in Singapore.

It was our first stop on a 5 week long trip – and it was simply magical. We treated ourselves with a stay at Marina Bay Sands, and boy oh boy, it was worth every penny! 😄 After several flights and long traveling time, a comfy bed and a room with a view was very much needed.  And their infinity pool  was like a cherry on the top! We chilled a bit (I almost fell asleep), had a couple cocktails and enjoyed the views of the Marina Bay and the city.

       Since we had only 1 day in Singapore,  we woke up pretty early the next morning, to catch that sunrise and enjoy the pool without that many people in it (it gets pretty crowded during peak hours, but the good thing is that the access is given only to the hotel guests). After a good breakfast, we headed to the city to explore a bit more. We did not plan many activities – as we didn’t want to rush everywhere, so we just hang out, walked a bit, and were a bit surprised of how much Singapore reminded us of the USA (street names, the buildings, etc.), the only thing that is extremely different- the cleanliness of the place (and there are big fines for littering!).


The visit to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Gardens by the Bay – a manmade wonder, so this was our last thing to do later that day. We visited the Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway – I really enjoyed both, but what amazed me the most was that lush green colour everywhere, that is really soothing to the eye. I hope you enjoyed this little recap, and I will try to come back with some more as soon as possible 😉

Good night from us!

Love, V.


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