Travel day


Hey, guys!

Sorry for no updates these past days – it has been pretty busy with work, some last minute preparations before the trip, and other stuff that I had to finish. As always, I thought that I had plenty of time, but yesterday at around 1 AM we were still packing our luggage… And maybe because of this, or overall excitement, I couldn’t sleep properly – but I hope that this will work in my favour later, haha 😀

But today’s the DAY – we are going away for our vacation, and I couldn’t be happier! Sounds a bit surreal, to be honest, but amazing at the same time. *pinching myself constantly*

So as it is going to be a long travel day, with several flights, I will try to think of some sort of plan for the blog, and I will try to post as much as possible (while enjoying our vacation, of course ;), and having in mind that internet quality might not be that good). But I will try to update my Instagram stories, so you can follow me along here. (No pressure, though 😀 )

As for now – I am going to finish my coffee (which is most probably cold at this point), wait for my husband to arrive, and we will start our journey! *excited!!!*

Have a wonderful Friday and a good weekend, peeps, talk to you later! :)*

Love, V.


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