Happy Sunday, peeps! Oh, I hope you had a wonderful one.

This weekend the weather in Bergen was insane (meaning – the sun was shining all the time), and my mood and overall feeling is great! It hasn’t been a very active weekend, rather a slower one, but I needed this change.

So today we decided to go for a late breakfast and a cup of good coffee in the city, and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather while it lasts. We went to one of our favourite spots  –  Espresso House, because they serve a really good coffee and have a selection of foods to choose from. And recently they started making matcha latte, which, of course, I had to try (and they make a tasty one – not too bitter, which is a good sign 😉 ).

We sat there, sipping on our coffee/matcha latte, and sun was shining all over us – and it was a pure Sunday bliss!


After that, we had a little walk around the city – and let me tell you – it is much better with all the warmth and beautiful weather (unbelievable, right? 😀 ). We also met with one guy who we had known for quite some time (and mostly from social media, haha), and he has this cuuuute dog akita-inu Limi that I wanted to pet and cuddle for quite some time.  The fluffiness and softness and cuteness of this dog is unbelievable. Hands down, it was one of the best Sundays! Do I sound like a crazy dog lady yet? 😀


Aaaahh, she is so darn cute. ❤️ I wanted to take her home with me (too bad I can’t), but this was such a nice time. Thanks, Algirdas, for letting me pet her – my heart is complete 😀

Love, V.



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