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One week left


Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

-Gustave Flaubert

Hey, friends! (Real and virtual ones, hehe 🙂 )

Today’s  Friday and it means that it is officially one week left until our vacation! ONE. WEEK. I thought that on this occasion I can share a bit of our travel plans, but I am so excited that I basically don’t know where to start and what to write first.

Ok, so here it goes. 

We are going to visit koalas!

And kangaroos!

And crocodiles…aghemmm…maybe not, or maybe from very far away. Do you see the pattern here?   We are going to the land Down UnderAustralia, a country, that I wanted to visit for so long, and my heart and soul still can’t handle this!

But. It is not the only destination that we have in our plans – we are kind of doing a round-the-world trip, with 4 stops in total!

A quick layover in Doha, a day in Singapore, a bit more than two weeks in Australia, and then – we are going back to Hawaii (also for about two weeks)! But this time it is going to be other islands (last year we visited Maui). And then we have a couple of days in Los Angeles before coming home.

Sometimes I ask myself, if this is real, and I have to pinch myself from time to time.


There’s gonna be some road trippin’ in Australia, some new experiences, sleeping in a car (most likely :D), but I am so looking forward to this! And I really hope I will be able to share some moments on the go with you guys, but I already got some heads up that internet there is…not so good. Fingers crossed, though!

Some scenery of beautiful Maui island! The beaches are just insane, and Road to Hana with waterfalls is like a different world – I haven’t seen this much greenery in quite some time.

What’s your dream destination? Are you as crazy about travel as we are? 😀 Let’s talk!

Love, V.


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