Buddha Bowl


…and what is a Buddha Bowl you might ask? To explain it simply – it’s a bowl packed with all kinds of nourishing food, mostly veggies, grains, nuts & seeds. You might add lean proteins to it also.

What I like about it the most – it is very easy to make, and it turns out to be a very nice and filling meal. Especially on a day like this – autumn is approaching us in full speed, with heavy rains, and colder temperatures, and all I wanted to do today was sitting with a big cup of tea or coffee in my hands, hiding under the fluffiest blanket I could find. Unfortunately, that happened only in my head, because I was cleaning around the house, trying to tidy up a bit. So this meal seemed as a perfect treat afterwards!

So to build up one, you have to decide on the following:

BASE: kale; spinach; lettuce; leafy greens; soba noodles; etc.

VEGGIES: carrots; broccoli; cucumber; tomatoes; zucchini; etc.

PROTEIN: beef; seafood; quinoa; chicken; tofu; etc.

COMPLEX CARBS: sweet potatoes; corn; barley; buckwheat; peas; etc.

CRUNCH: chia seeds; nuts; red pepper; etc.

FLOURISH: avocado; hummus; tahini; cilantro; peanut sauce; etc. 

My attempt at making the Buddha Bowl was this: I baked some sweet potato (seasoned with olive oil, sea salt flakes, herbs, umami spices), added  ¼ avocado, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes and some spinach. Assembled them in a bowl (hence the name) – and voila – you have one amazing lunch or dinner! I think some tahini sauce would have worked here as well.

It was so good that I enjoyed every bite of it! Will be doing some other variations in the future for sure.

Love, V.


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