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Uffff… what a week it was! Ok, a week and a half… where did the days go? I still can’t comprehend the fact that it is September (the second part of it!). Last  Monday I was back in Lithuania, visited some friends and family, finished some photo projects, had a couple of photo sessions, and attended a wedding! (Which was a blast, by the way!) 💃🏼 Oh, and those who follow me on Instagram, know that I bought a dress for the occasion on the very last day – very risky, but I was more than lucky, haha.

And today, I am home, trying to list all the things I have to do. Everytime I am back from somewhere, I need a couple of days to recover and gather my thoughts. Is it just me, or is it normal?  *don’t know if I want to stand out or fit in* 😂

Anyway, one thing is clear – we had some pretty good time, and now work and responsibilities are on my to-do list. And there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee, tea, or matcha latte (a new favourite), accompanied by some snacks, while I am working or doing some planning. I am really lucky being able to collaborate with Nutrilett, as I have been a big fan of their meal replacement bars/snack bars for quite some time. For over six or seven years now, to be precise 😉

When I am going somewhere – hiking, to the city, traveling, to the photo shoot – I have one (two) bars with me, and my favourites always were either  Smooth Caramel bar or  Quinoa Nut Crunch bar. BUT,  this autumn they released two new flavours, and I am obsessed!

OBSESSED. They are that good. This comes from a person who likes to snack all the time 😀 I love to make my own when I have time, and when I don’t – I grab one of these.

So two new flavours are Nut & Chia (all natural mix of roasted nuts, chia seeds, and dark chocolate – *drooling*), and Chocolate Mousse Crumble (you had me at dark chocolate, again :D. This one is a combination of fine dark chocolate mousse and oats).  For me, it sounds and tastes pretty darn good – especially when they are not packed with sugar! So, if you are interested and want to stack up for the coming autumn/winter months – I have a discount code for you (valid in Norway, at – VIKTORIJA30. Put this when you finish your order, and it will give you a 30% discount on the whole purchase! You can use it throughout September 😉

Happy snacking…! Tell me if you have tried this, and share your thoughts – talk to you soon 😘

In collaboration with NutrilettNorge

Love, V.



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