The highest mountain top in Norway!


Ok, guys.

Do you remember when I told you that we had plans for the last weekend of summer? Well, let me tell you something -our plan was fulfilled 100%, and  here are the pics and a little story about it! Because the least I can say is that it was EPIC!

What we had in mind was this mountain – Galdhøpiggen– the highest mountain top not only in Norway, but all Scandinavia and Northern Europe as well! It is 2469 m. above sea level, and when good weather conditions occur – you are able to see spectacular views! I am talking all those mountain peaks and glaciers in Jotunheimen National park. It is indescribable feeling when you are standing there on the top, all tired after the strenuous hike, and this amazing beauty is all around you.

So we were eyeing the weather for the location for about a week, and we couldn’t believe that it was sun in the forecast. SUN! All weekend!!! Can you believe it? I certainly couldn’t, because you know, it rains just a little bit in Bergen most of the time. *aghem* After the weather confirmation, we contacted our companions, packed our bags and agreed to meet in Spiterstulen (the most popular place to start this hike – be sure to check the links with information about the place – IF you are interested in visiting this place).  And I strongly advise that you should be 😉

We arrived to the place first, built our tent, inspected the area and waited for our friends while having some dinner and some wine. I swear, all food and drinks taste much better in nature! Don’t you agree?

Our friends came at around 11 PM and it was pitch black already, so we just helped them with their stuff, and sadly it was a bit too late to sit and talk. And a bit too cold, too. It was around 0 or -1 degrees celsius at night, hence the cold that I had this week. So guys took some pictures of the starry skies, and we went to sleep.

We woke up early in the morning, at around 7 – 7:30 AM, because there are some picture geeks who want to catch the first rays of sun. What I didn’t realise was that the sun is blocked by another mountain until certain hour. So in the meantime we got ready, had breakfast, and started our journey.

These two were covered in frost early in the morning.


Only forward! No problems yet… 😀

We stopped here for some snacks and some water, and of course – to rest a bit and catch a breath. A good tip – don’t do a long pause while hiking, because it will be even HARDER to hike afterwards.


They finally saw it! All those little dots on the snow – that’s people, and it was many of them that day.


And here we are! That moment we were standing/sitting higher than anyone else in Norway 😛

We found an empty spot, made ourselves comfortable (as it can be comfortable sitting on the rock), prepared some food and enjoyed the views.


Oh, and another great tip/or rather a note – if you think you are not physically capable to do this – believe me, you are most probably wrong. We met a couple in their eighties (86-87!!!), and they made it to the top no problem. Of course, on their own pace, but they made it. How incredible is that? That is my #lifegoals. 😉

After food was time for a little photo session, that easily took us about an hour. Whoops! But it was truly a time well spent – all these mountains around you give incredible backgrounds. We were taking pictures on the edge of the mountain, with a snow cap on it (sorry mom & dad – I tried to be careful), flew our drone, and just enjoyed the day.


On our way down, we met a couple – they thought we were from Slovenia (or Slovakia) because they saw a car with license plate numbers of that country, and long story short – we made new friends 😀 You never know where you can meet interesting people. So kudos to Tadas that he talked to them again! We spent that evening in a warm cabin, talking about life and reflecting on our day.

Well, all I can say is – more days like this!

Love, V.



  • Reply Due_no 02/09/2017 at 16:58

    Superines nuotraukos 😍 Galdhøpiggen bus musu kitos vasaros tikslas 💕
    Ačiū kad dalinates

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 02/09/2017 at 17:43

      Butinai aplankykit! Man smagu, kad skaitot, ziurit! Aciu ❤️

  • Reply inga 04/09/2017 at 22:11

    OOOOO !!! Kaip grazu ! 😍😍😍 ir tavo photos hypnotic 💘
    Ciao from CPH

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 05/09/2017 at 08:28

      Aciu, Inga! Ciao! ❤️

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