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How are you holding up? I hope your week is going fine so far! It’s Friday tomorrow (wait, what??), and also- it’s first day of autumn – how crazy is that?! Ok, it’s not that crazy, that’s how years go – but you get the gist. Where did the time go???

As for myself, I needed a pause this week – from the amazing weekend with hiking and camping in Galdhøpiggen (the highest mountain top in Norway), to work almost everyday (I had one free day today-and will be working the whole weekend), to getting a bit sick (hey-ya sneezing and coughing), a little break was very much needed. And yes, you understood correctly – I spent my free day being sick. And my husband joined me 😄 A very fun day in Gedrimai household today! So now, as I am typing, my feet are resting in a lavender salt bath, hoping this stinkin’ cold will go away soon.

I had to do some things today, that couldn’t be missed – my car needed a little fix up, so I dropped it off early in the morning, and decided to go for some grocery shopping while waiting. I bought some croissants (to brighten up the being-sick mood), and some oranges, carrots and ginger – for an immune boosting juice (I have a juicer, that has been silently crying in the corner), and made one mean juice-health-shot. I think your body feels when it needs that extra kick of vitamins! Of course, you should be consuming a good dose of your fruits  & veggies on a daily basis, but that additional portion will only do you good.

So I juiced around 4-5 oranges, added the same amount of carrots, and two lumps of ginger (not pieces  – lumps !), that’s when you will feel that “kick”, haha. And all of this for 2 people only 😉 Even looking at that bright orange colour made me feel happier!

I also have a recipe for a good mixture of lemon, honey & ginger, that could be eaten on its own, or added to the tea – a very good remedy to prevent getting a cold, because ya’ know – winter is coming. So I will share it on the blog soon.

Besides concentrating on getting better, I also wanted to read some new books. I was in a need of a good one for a long time – with all the thinking, overthinking, and burning out on many activities – I felt as if a new book would help me deal with the situation. Preferably, a self-help book of some kind. So I purchased two – “A road less travelled” by M. Scott Peck, and  “The art of happiness” by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler. Both of them have very good insights and  interesting reviews, so I am more than eager to read my way through them and earn some life’s wisdom 😉 I will let you know how that  goes 😀 .

Oh, and if you have some suggestions for some good books that you have read and that made impact on you – let me know in the comments! Sharing is caring, they say. :*

I am off to make the n-th cup of tea today, good-night!

Love, V.

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