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Summer feels


And good morning to you, too!

This post, or these photos actually, were supposed to see daylight in the beginning of summer (can’t type these words without shedding a tear 😢  – summer please don’t go! – even though we did not have a proper one. Two days don’t count 😂). But I love the memories from that time, so I was thinking – why not sharing them now?

It was the end of May when we went camping to south-east of Norway (as always-chasing some warmth and sun), and found a beautiful and very calm spot. It is called Omlidstranda Camping and  I would suggest you visiting it if you are ever in this area. There is a long beach, lots of camping places, pine trees  alongside the shore (which gave me the feeling that I am in my hometown, sitting by the sea), and a cute little town nearby. I remember we took a walk that evening when we arrived- and it was the most peaceful feeling in a long time. I needed to clear my head from many things, and it worked! We also did some sunset watching followed with some wine tasting, but that’s just between us, ok? 😉

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend of summer that I am free from work, so I hope we will do something fun and worth remembering! We (as in my husband and I, and friends) do have some sort of plans, but that depends on weather – so fingers crossed, and for now – let’s enjoy these beautiful views!

I said it before and I will say it again – I am a total sunset lover, and every single one of them touches my heart in a different way. Can’t help it.


  • Reply Ieva 23/08/2017 at 10:06

    Be galo gražu!..

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 23/08/2017 at 10:08

      Aha, nereali vieta buvo ❤️ Pasiilgstu tokiu dienu…☺️

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