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We woke up in paradise!



All kinds of bugs playing their serenades, a gecko hanging somewhere on the wall and greeting us with its squeaky ”gec-ko!”, a warm breeze soothing our tired faces – that is what welcomed us in Bali.

After 4 long flights, a couple of stubborn taxi drivers, and then one ”not-really-a-taxi-driver-but-a-friendly-face” driver – and we were standing at our hotel reception, somewhere in the middle of Ubud, at 1 o’clock in the morning.

We got some snacks (thanks to the personnel from the hotel (Graha Moding Villas – highly recommended), who kindly waited for us to arrive! and fed us 😀 ), observed all the surroundings and went to sleep.

And then we woke up.

In paradise!

The warm weather and all the greenery. My eyes and soul was longing for this for so long. We took some photos and then another logic action was to jump in the pool. It felt amazing! Our friends joined us as well (we traveled with another couple), and we did a little photo shoot in the pool. The fun part is that it was only us! 😀

Later on we had a fulfilling breakfast and planned our day – we had some points of interest in mind, so we hired a driver for the whole day. And that is a really good way to get around, especially on the first day – when you don’t feel confident enough to rent a motorbike (which we did later on our trip). A driver will take you to all the places you want, and will usually do it very efficiently.

I will have another blog post from our day adventures – and for now – enjoy the views from our villa in the jungle! I loved it so much – with all the sounds, the authentic feeling, and even with some critters that decided to show up in our room… 😀

(I am talking a big-a** cockroach over here…)

But as Balinese people believe – nature is ”power” and each element is subject to influence from spirits. So, as we wanted to keep our karma clean, we did not do anything to the bug (even though shivers were going down my spine 😀 ).

So enjoy the view, and talk to you tomorrow 😉

Love, V.

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