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Women’s Wednesday


Mornin’! My clock says it’s still 11:11 AM, so you bet it’s still a morning here πŸ˜›

Yesterday I had such a nice day despite the fact that the weather was all over the place. It was gray, windy and snowing. Fun, right? Not so much, when you expect spring to come any time now. Hi, hello, where are you?

However, it was International Women’s Day (woop woop to all of us – to strong, independent, fierce – us! Eating-croissants-all-day-long us! πŸ˜€ You get it…Β β™₯), and I went to visit my beautiful friend Elle (she is an amazing make-up artist, by the way πŸ˜› ) who I get to see only once in a while (shame…). But we live quite far from each other, so that’s our excuse (shame x 2).

We wanted to have a cup of coffee, chat a bit, have some much needed girl time. She knew one place, so we thought we will give it a try. We drove there, and of course, the place was closed during day time (they opened later that evening), but we met the owners who appeared to be there, and they kindly offered us some coffee. On the house!

So we sat there, sipping our coffee, talked about life, and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings… The place is situated on a pier, with views of the sea and beautiful nature all around. I am predicting that in summer this place will be crowded! A perfect spot for a wedding or any other event, or simply spending a nice, long summer evening there…

Cozy place, with handmade rustic details, and a boat (!) inside, which is used as a serving table during continental meal times. Fun, right?

I loved the lamps! Something I would like to have in my own place (when I have one πŸ˜€ ).

Such a nice place! Even on a day like yesterday (or especially on a day like yesterday? When you can hide from that hideous wind… ).

So if you are ever in the area (Bergen and around), I suggest you visit the place. It is about an hour drive from Bergen, but I promise you, it is worth it. And you can do some easy hiking as well – you can find the western-most point in mainland Norway here, it is called Vardetangen.

You can find the place here:

Kilstraumen Brygge (their FB page here)

Kilstraumen 1

5943 Austrheim


Love, V.

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