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Monday mood: reflections


Yesterday, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I read a question:

“Does anyone else feel like everything great you create is a fluke and everything bad is just proof that you’re not a real artist?”

And, of course, it caught my attention. I was questioning myself on the same topic just too much these past days. (I guess it is quite normal to a person who creates…? M? 😉 )

I had a meltdown. I was so overwhelmed with everything (I am working on something these days, and hopefully I can share the news soon), and I just cracked. Basically, life happened.


It is good to have those moments. You realize what is important and what is not. And that you are not alone in this – people are usually there to help you, to soothe you, to give you advice. They are there to talk sense into you when your sense decides to take a stroll somewhere in the mountains 😉

And you realize, that you will do your own damn thing – no matter what it takes – because it makes you happy.

That simple. Happy.

I was inspired by some beautiful people out there, and today, I took my camera, looked at the mirror, and then… reflections happened.

Playing with light and angles. It was so much fun and very needed.

My kind of therapy.

Don’t ever, EVER quit on what you like to do.

Have your bad days, have your doubt days, but always trust your gut.


Love, V.


  • Reply Sinerta 07/03/2017 at 22:15

    Beauty inside out! <3

  • Reply Elle Pax 08/03/2017 at 16:57

    awwww lovely and gorgeous, maybe it’s better to add a soft watermark on your pictures. Just for creepers out there … 😀 Loved the post :*

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