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First encounter with the US: Chicago and NY bound. pt.3


When I was writing this it was Monday (yesterday). And I was soooo not feeling it. One of those days, you know 😉 It got me #shook in a way. Nothing bad, really, but it was a day where you probably need 32451 cups of coffee to get through it. It didn’t help, by the way 😀

So today, I thought I will continue and just adjust some bits here and there. I have some tea on the side (peppermint-very good for the evening, or after eating pancakes :D), ”Friends” series in the background, and basically major dreaming is going on. Aaaahhh… I wouldn’t mind being in New York at the moment. Strolling around without a purpose, and just enjoying the concrete jungle itself. The crazy, never-sleeping, full-of-action city that has everything. 😉

And I  think you guessed it right – my last post from the First-encounter-with-the-US series is here. And it covers our visits to Chicago and New York. We were very lucky to have some company with us(aka relatives), and to see cities from a bit different perspective. There was actual sightseeing going on, but when you have a local with you – it’s easier! 😉

We flew into Chicago from Las Vegas. It was one of the most memorable flights because a) we got to see Grand Canyon from above (and it is impressive!), and b) we had a brief stopover in Kansas City – which was weird :D, and it almost ruined our flight – we were delayed because of the bad weather. But it is kind of normal for that area for that time of the year (June).

Our must see/must visit places included the Willis Tower (also known as Sears Tower), Cloud Gate (the Bean)… and that was pretty much it. We wanted a more relaxed day, so we took it slowly.

Cloud Gate – perfect spot for photographers with all the reflections going on. 😉

We had a pretty decent lunch at Elephant & Castle. I think it was the first normal burger I tried in the US.

What we really enjoyed (or what I really enjoyed 😀 ) was The Skydeck Chicago. A glass balcony/or a sky deck if you will – located on the 103rd floor of Willis Tower with amazing views of the city. And if you are really lucky, you can even get a view with some fog creeping over the city from Lake Michigan – it makes the experience even more fun, especially for me, as I like to capture moments like these. But visiting this place is only okay if you are not afraid of heights. So be prepared 😉

After 2 quick days and the warmest welcome we were off to New York.


We were staying in the suburbs of NY, and were going to the city with the train. Almost felt like a local 😀 It was a bit different story when we had to use metro for the first time, but after a few hiccups we managed. Somehow. :))

The Grand Central…

…and The Times Square. Lots of people. All the time!

How about that skyline? Can I have an apartment in one of those buildings, please? Preferably with this amazing view. Thank you very much.

Some Central Park wanderings. I think we made only a little bit back then. We could not imagine that the park is actually that big. 😀

They say, New York has everything. Including best places to eat. After a lot of sightseeing and a lot of walking we had one of the best taco dinners in the place called Mercadito Grove (sadly, they are closed now-I tried to look up the address for you). They still have restaurants in Chicago, so if you are visiting – give it a try 😉

But who can compete with a homemade breakfast like this?? I tried making it myself, but I guess we’ll just have to plan a trip to NY for this one. G., I am already booking a ticket 😀

Walking down the Brooklyn Bridge – check! Again, one of the must see/must do while in New York.

One World Trade Center – which was still under construction back in 2014. So we just peeked at it and walked around the memorial for 9/11. And the memorial itself is a bit overwhelming – when you think about it…

I don’t know why, but it is so hard to gather the right words for this post. Maybe because it happened almost three years ago, or maybe I just want to keep a bit to myself 😉  All I know that it was amazing, and it left us speechless and wanting more. We knew that this is not the end and that we are coming back.

I had to collect my other half of heart that I left there 😉

NY, always ♥

Love, V.

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