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First encounter with the US: the Canyon and the Ocean. pt. 2


Well, hello, guys!

I think you are ready for part 2, right? And I left you hanging with our arrival to LA (or near LA, haha) – and I will elaborate on this shortly, after I explain a few things.

First of all, I have to mention, that we loved US since day 1. It’s this feeling inside me that I can’t explain, and it was with me even before the trip. I kind of felt and I feel American in a way. :)) Does that make sense?

Also, I did not say what the actual plan was. It went something like this: San Francisco to Los Angeles (via Pacific Coast Highway) – Los Angeles to Las Vegas (via Death Valley) – LV to Grand Canyon and backLV to Chicago (with a stop in Kansas City – a weird flight :D) – Chicago to New York. Everything in two weeks!

So, as I was saying – we were in LA, and first thing to do there is go to the beach, of course. As we were staying in a hotel in Thousand Oaks (later on the radio we heard the poll which stated that it is the snobbiest place in the area 😀 – but very nice to live in, for sure), we took the road along the Malibu and arrived to Santa Monica for some sun, sand, ocean and some chill time.

A TIP! Always, always wear sunscreen. We thought that we did not need it as it was a bit cloudy, but boy oh boy, we were wrong. BIG time 😀 I do not want to go into details, just trust me on this one.

Santa Monica pier in action.

And Venice beach in all its glory 😀

Later we went to Hollywood. I have to be honest with you – nothing impressive, crowds of people, but you have to go just to get that check off your list.


Something really exciting happened while we were there. I was planning it in my head silently and had to gather all pieces of bravery to do this.

I wanted a tattoo for quite some time, and I thought it is a good idea to do it in LA and have the best memory with me from USA! Yes, this blonde girl, with leopard (!!!) jumpsuit did it. I probably looked funny and not trustworthy at all, but I made it sound as if I was 😀 And the tattoo artist was as cool as he could possibly be. The win/win experience 😉

A freshly tattooed and all hyped we went to the Griffith Observatory – a place with the most beautiful views of LA.

The next day we explored a bit of Beverly Hills and a bit of Downtown LA. And the latter is, well, quite meh. Nothing much to see…

A road trip day again – we were headed to Vegas. A lunch stop somewhere in between. Healthy choices, as always!

Can you tell that we started to improve with the Instagram game?

I remember one thing very clearly – it was HOT. Impossibly hot. Even the wind was hot. It’s unbelievable. ( 😉 )

Zabriskie Point – nature, why u so beautiful?

Vegas, we are near!

We did not do much in Las Vegas. It was only a point from which we traveled further. We visited the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon Skywalk. We were expecting the full Grand Canyon experience, but we did not know that the place is run by the tribe – that is Indians, and not the National Park Service.


The Hoover Dam is really spectacular and it is fun to stand in two states at the same time (Nevada/Arizona).

Grand Canyon. GRAND CANYON!

I fell in love with this place since the moment I saw it. I can tell you stories and try to prove myself, but you won’t believe it, probably. Put this on your bucket list. Right now! Maybe not the exact same spot – not the Skywalk, but Grand Canyon itself.

The reason that I was not so fascinated with the place was the cost of it. As I mentioned it is run by the tribe, and they charge you for almost everything you want to do there. I understand their policy, but I am not a fan 😉

Anyway, the nature lured me in. I was somewhere else at that moment. (A western movie, maybe? :)) ) I was enjoying it to the fullest and we got some pretty cool shots…

Waiting for that never-coming bus.

G., what are you up to?

So I finish my part 2 here, and that means that part 3 (the last part) will be coming shortly. I really like going down this memory lane…

Love, V.

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