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First encounter with the US: from SF to LA. Pt. 1


February is coming to an end and I kind of need to deliver what I have promised – at least a couple of recaps from our trips to USA. #StillHaveTime

And I will start with the very first one, which happened back in 2014. You may ask – who would want a recap that old – and well, my answer would be – my playground, my rules :D. Also, I like to do things according to date/order, so… we’ll start here.

This trip was spontaneous (what a surprise! now, when I look back, I see it’s the tendency with us.. 😀 ), as we decided upon it in a day and planned in about a month. We bought tickets to San Francisco, and since G.(my husband, Giedrius -side note) has relatives living in Chicago and New York, we knew that we have to visit them! Because it might be only this time we visit the US. Little did we know… 😀 So we bought the tickets for the outbound flight from New York, and we were almost done.

Of course, there was hectic planning afterwards that included booking the hotels, looking up the points of interest, applying for ESTA, etc., etc., etc. …


And there we were – standing at the airport with our passports, tickets, a plan (yes, I am that girl),and very high hopes for the upcoming two weeks. It was our first big trip – so you could understand all the excitement. Besides, our other travels included doing road trips around Europe (good times, good times 😉 ), nothing more.

So after about a 10 hour flight we were there. In the land of freedom and hope, dreams and ambitions. :)) I remember being extremely tired, a bit scared (US customs can be a bit intimidating), but after all – overly happy.

We took our rental car (which we ordered beforehand), and went to the hotel – we needed the rest. But I have to mention, that we landed in Oakland, and our hotel was in south San Francisco – so driving in that traffic is really something. Especially after a long flight. 😀

But I guess everything is manageable, as we made it there safe and sound, checked in, and went to sleep instantly – we needed the rest, as the exciting days were coming.

The very first american breakfast at the hotel. Lots of carbs on the menu, as we had to stay active during the day. 😉


First stop – Twin Peaks – two prominent hills with the most amazing views of SF. A must visit during day and night!

Afterwards – Golden Gate Bridge. Do I need to say more? Maybe the fact that we had probably the best weather we could expect that day – no fog, only clear skies.

Work those colors boy, work them! I think we looked as European as we could, haha. Also, I have to mention that G. received so many compliments while in SF! At first I was like ”what the heck???!! How about me??”, but then it hit me… *smirk*

The famous Pier 39. Add this to your to-do list.

Of course we ate at Bubba Gump’s. The most touristy thing to do – check √

Those streets! I have to admit – during our trip I felt like I was in a movie. The whole time!

Chinatown, where you can find everything and anything.

And then some sunset views, of course. My pictures speak better for themselves. Or at least I hope so 😀

The next day we woke up to this. Fog that is. I felt a bit bummed, but throughout the day the skies cleared up, and everything was OK. How could it not be? 😉 We visited the Lands End Lookout, Golden Gate park and Japanese garden, had some sushi later in Japan Town, and captured an amazing sunset from the Coit Tower.

Japanese Garden in the Golden Gate park…

…and one of the best sushis I have ever had.

Oh, we also stopped at the Painted Ladies – Victorian houses in the Alamo square – and were a bit disappointed as there was the construction going on. Still, the houses in the area are way too cute, and remind me of times when I used to watch ”Charmed”.

Nothing can fail with a sunset like this.

The next day was dedicated for a road trip from SF to LA. We took the scenic route – the Pacific Coast Highway and this one is a must MUST. It has many stops along the way, and you have to do your research on what you want to see/do there, as it will be time consuming. Our biggest point of attraction was Big Sur – so with that in mind, and with some red marks on the map, we started our journey.

Did I mention this is a must?

At that time, we didn’t know anything about the Instagram poses. So pardon our lazy attempts. But it was the beginning…


A point of interest – the Piedras Blancas – elephant seal rookery. It is very interesting to see animals in their own habitat. And especially that many!

As this was our first trip, we didn’t visit many of the spots, only because we either did not have time or we didn’t know about them. So my tip would be – do your research well! And as the evening was setting in, we were heading straight to our hotel (which, by the way, was in Thousand Oaks, not central LA). And with that being said, I will finish part one of this First Time To USA blog. I believe, it’s already way too many pictures, and many more are coming your way.

 p.s. As always – if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask(in the comments, or via contact me scheme),or maybe you have your own insights and suggestions? I am not much of a writer, more of a picture-story-teller as you can see.

Talk to you soon ♥

Love, V.                                       –

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