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Sundays are meant for good coffee


Heya people-who-can-sleep-in-today!

I hope you are having a nice and lazy Sunday. Not like me *sigh* – I am working from 7:00 today – can’t be lazy even if I’d want to.

As I was scrolling through my picture archives, I saw that I haven’t shared something with you yet – a place where people serve very good coffee. And I kind of feel that you need this on a Sunday*. So if you are in Klaipeda, Lithuania at the moment – you are lucky – it means, that you can go and visit the place instantly! It is really worth it. I am talking about the coffee house Kavos Architektai’/ ‘Coffee architects. I had by far the best cappuccino there (aaaah, I would need one now… *sips on instant coffee*)! And don’t be sad if you can’t visit today – something to put on your to-do list when you are visiting 😉

The place has been on my to-do list for quite some time. For 2 years to be precise – since the time they opened their doors for the first time. And I adore their story – two coffee enthusiasts decided to turn their love for coffee into an actual business (thank you for that!). An architect and a designer shifted their lifestyle completely, and after an intense research they opened their own coffee house/studio. And it is them you talk to when you come in for a coffee – another good point that makes this place special.

They stand out with their responsible attitude towards the whole process of coffee preparation – from simple brewing, to ‘Chemex’, to V60 (this sounds more like a car model to me, but ok :)) ) – you get the idea. Also, they offer lectures about coffee, home barista training, or professional themed tastings (cupping – the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee).  If you are not interested in this, just go for the good cup of coffee. 😉 I think you will not be disappointed. I promise.

*UPDATE* I kind of skipped the fact that on Sundays they are resting…ooops 😀 My bad! I was so concentrated on their story, and what they do, that the opening times slid through my eyes. Still, I believe, that you can have a good coffee on a Sunday – made at home, after taking some home barista training at Coffee Architects, for example 😛 🙂 And any other day – you can visit them!  

Pure art right there 😉

Where you can find them:


H. Manto g. 9, Klaipėda


Opening times:


Monday to Friday: 07:00-19:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00

Sunday: closed


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