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A little recap: Lovatnet and Hoddevik


Evening, everyone!

I would not mind standing in the exact same spot as the girl in the first picture. And I can’t believe that our little weekend getaway was already two weeks ago! #timeflies

Soooo… I finally found some time to edit and sort the pictures (it seems that I am drowning in pictures these days :D, but I love it!), and I hope you will enjoy them. As well as some notes and suggestions along the way 😉

If you remember, I told you that it was a spontaneous decision – we packed our bags, tent, grabbed our camping gear – everything in under 1,5h, and only because the weather was beautiful and we did not want to waist a minute of it. Our destinations were Lovatnet and Hoddevik – and I feel a bit torn sharing them with you 😀 It is just so nice, and I want to be a little selfish and keep this secret to myself, but truth to be told – there is no secret as they are advertised quite well on the tourism page for Norway.  And – we take all our friends and relatives there :D.

So… Lovatnet. A beautiful lake surrounded by mountains at the end of Inner Nordfjord. Lots of hiking possibilities, swimming, walking, fishing, you name it! A chill zone for sure… I told you, do not go, I want it for myself 😀 Oh, and this year, in May a new attraction will be opened – Hoven Loen – a Cable Car that will take you up the mountain, where you will be able to enjoy spectacular views, or choose between a wide range of nature-based activities. Paradise, if you ask me, and – I am so excited for this one! We will, for sure, plan something for May!

As we go to Lovatnet, we always stay in Sande Camping – we even have our favorite spots 😀 This time, the owner of the place suggested we stay in an apartment, and as it is low-season, we got a good price! I wouldn’t mind staying in a tent, also, but the opportunity was just too good not to use it. Besides, we were a bit tired after driving for about 4 hours. So, a comfy bed and warmth were much appreciated! And the view that you get to see in the morning – it’s breathtaking. I am not exaggerating – it is very beautiful, and worth waking up earlier to catch those sun rays! That’s exactly what we did – we woke up before sunrise and went out to wait for that perfect moment. Of course, we did not consider the fact that it is still winter, and that the sun comes through even later, haha

But when it’s like this, who cares? I love the very moment when the first sun ray breaks its way through the peak of a mountain.

Everything becomes just better and worth a shot. Or two 😉

After enjoying our morning, we packed our bags and started our road trip to another destination – Hoddevik. I have elaborated about it in my previous blogs, you can read more here.

We had some pretty amazing views along the way. The snowy mountain in the picture – Mt Skåla – the one with the strenuous, but very good hike.

The insta-famous car of Hoddevik 😀 I believe, at least some of my readers will recognize it.  And what surprised us this time when we arrived to the place – that it was full of surfers, and a lot of camping places were taken! In February!

Here you can see our humble housing. :))

We had the best afternoon and evening – with some walking along the beach, flying the drone (and you can check the video, by the way 😛 ), lighting up a fire later and enjoying our first camping this year!

Sunday morning – not too bad, right?

I can’t express in words how much I love this place. L-O-V-E  it!

And for the rest of the blog – I will just leave you with pictures. I hope you are okay with that 😉 It is just some beautiful scenery along the way home…

If you have any questions regarding the camping, or the visited places – ask me in the comments. I will be more than happy to help 😉

Love, V.


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    Puikus kadrai. Matosi, kad geras savaitgalis buvo. Net pavydu pasidare 🙂

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 18/02/2017 at 08:06

      Ačiū, Tadai, tikrai faina buvo… Manau, visi kartu turėsim dar geresnių vaizdų, haha :))

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