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Hi, hello there!

It’s been some time since we last talked. The weather in Bergen was moody again, and it kind of affected my daily habits *Insert the grumpy cat face right here*. 50 shades of grey – day after day. And in this case I actually mean the color 😀

So yesterday, when the sun came out, I enjoyed it to the fullest – and that for me is a simple walk in the city, or nature, or whatever – being outside, walking, having a cup of coffee. Observing people and trying to sort out my plans for the nearest future. It might look that I am very good at planning( haha..), but I end up obsessing over the little things, overthinking them and failing with the daily plan. And the irony in that is that I actually love all kinds of stationery – notebooks, planners, calendars – all sorts of things that should help you out. And I buy them/or download the freebies from the internet – because – oh so nice! (Of course I need another planner, duh…). With that being said, I wanted to share some of my faves/finds this Friday – things that I’ve been loving lately.

Are you a fan of minimalist design calendars? The ones that you can print out, put in a frame or on a cardboard, and decorate your space. I love those! Especially this one, made by a graphic designer Sarita Walsh (major girl crush!). I had a calendar from her last year, and I was more than happy when she did it again this year. 4 options, if you will! Good luck choosing 😀 You can find all of them here. My favorites are handwritten script and the one with the quotes.

Simply beautiful, right? Motivation to kick-start your year. It’s only the end of January, you still have 11 more months ahead of you. 😛

Also, if you have noticed, there’s another notebook hiding behind the calendar. It screams ”goals” and you can’t say NO to that. You just can’t. 😀 I found it in a store called Lagerhaus – it’s a Swedish brand, that opened its stores in Bergen last year. Their new stationery collection is something. Something I need! I am not sure if they send orders to other countries, but just in case –  I warned you. 😛

Aside the thing for stationery, I’ve been enjoying some beauty products as well. I got them for Christmas from my friends, and I am obsessed. The Punk Bouquet Hand Cream from the & Other Stories – simply amazing – lightweight, absorbent and smells really nice.  And the lip gloss from Rituals – La Vie en Rose in the shade Pale Pink – very natural & subtle looking, non sticky, a simple must have! These two are always in my bag as the weather during winter is blah, and I need to save my skin from time to time.

And the last thing that I wanted to share with you…is a simple tea. A peppermint tea, to be precise. Girls, you need this in your life – it’s a savior after a bigger meal or when you feel bloated (I had those moments…). Peppermint leaves relax the digestive tract and promote proper bile flow – two actions that keep your digestive system functioning at optimal levels. Some of the other amazing benefits of the tea: promotes a better night’s sleep, relieves stress, calms troubled skin, helps ease headaches and migraines. You can read more about it here

Do you have any favorites, or some gems you want to share? Regarding wellness, beauty or everyday life – anything worth trying – leave me a note! ♥

Love, V.

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