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Around Norway: Trondheim bound


Good morning!

It’s a beautiful day here today – snow and all, and I am bringing you the post that I promised! As you may know, it’s about our weekend trip to Trondheim back in January, 2016 to visit our friends Kristina & Tadas. As I mentioned it yesterday, it was spontaneous, and probably the best way to start the year – with some travel and some good time spent with friends. Even the winter storm didn’t stop us –  even though it tried – but we were lucky enough to travel safe, phew 😉 Don’t mind the traffic, the flight cancellations, the stress.. Oh, drama, drama, drama 😀

One fun fact about Trondheim from our perspective – we actually considered moving to Trondheim when we did the big move back in 2011. We thought about studying there (masters degree) as it has one of the best universities in Norway, but ended up in Bergen – we wanted to work, earn money and be independent 😉

So we flew there, they picked us up at the airport… and our little adventure began. As much as I remember we had a nice dinner at a restaurant that is located in a Trondheim TV tower – the view from there is simply amazing! Afterwards we went for a little stroll in the city, and as it was freezing cold-we made it quick. 😀  We decided it was time for some warmth, wine and cozy socks at home! For understandable reasons, I do not have pictures from that evening. *cin cin*


The next day we had some activities planned, and one of them was this quirky little shop and diner, literally in the middle of nowhere.  (I think I have to mention that K & T do not live in the city, they have to drive for about an hour to and from Trondheim). So along the way you can see some interesting sights, such as this cafe diner. Almost felt like doing a road trip in USA. ;)) They know us too well…

Loved this! I mean, how can you not???

As the weather was milder we could actually walk around, explore a bit, and just take it all in. We had some coffee and enjoyed the sights. And petted all the dogs. Ok, not all of them, but definitely most of them that came along our way.

(Please do not mind our fashion, it was cold.) 😀

I think I failed a bit with that jump. Hm…

Look at this cutie! And can you see my face??? Haha, I was way too excited.

Also a fun fact – the guy with the dog is Lithuanian! You stop a person asking if you can pet his dog and randomly find out he is fellow Lithuanian.

I had to borrow some pictures from Tadas(Thank you!), because I clearly couldn’t take a good photo of a dog. And could you blame me??

I think this was the last one, or maybe there were more…We just didn’t take the pictures. What do you say? You came here for the pictures of Trondheim? Ok ok…

If this is not dedication, then I don’t know what is-taking a picture of some lights on the tree…Tadas, thank you again!! (He loves photography as much as I do, and you can check his Instagram here 😛 )

After all the walking and doing some Olympic sports we were exhausted and hungry. We had a nice meal in the city, and later we had a taco night at home. Bellies full of joy, we totally forgot the proper pics of food. :)) Next time, maybe.

And… that can happen very soon as Kristina and Tadas flew in to Bergen today!!! So I am finishing the blog on this note, have to make myself ready, and off to see them later today!

Love, V.

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