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2016 – year in review


Hey 2017, I am greeting you for the second time 😉 I decided I wanted to do a year in review post – because 2016 was one hell-of-a-year. It’s gonna be a bit different, though. You know how people first write posts throughout the year, and then do a review? Well, mine is going to be the complete opposite – I’ll do a review, and then you’ll get full posts. Hehe 😉 So, are ya ready?


We celebrated New Year in a mountain cabin, in Geilo (Norway). Not only celebrated –  we lived there for around a week with our friends. The plan was to get some activity done and go skiing (some of us, haha) – but the weather was crazy- windy, snowing sideways and so on, so most of the skiing we did was on a plastic bag down the hill. (At night! :D) I’d say, it was way more fun! Mouthful of snow and wet feet. And sitting next to a fireplace afterwards. Totally worth it!

Photos: Tadas P.

Later that month we decided that we want to visit our friends who moved to Trondheim. Far far away from us. 🙁 In the land of snow and polar bears… Just kiddin‘ 😛 In the land of Northern Lights – this fact is actually true – they get to see kick-a** Northern Lights way more often than we do.  Anyway, we asked if they are free that weekend, bought the tickets and were ready to go. But the weather was not in our favor. It snowed so much that day that we almost missed our flight. It was a complete mess everywhere – roads covered with snow, huge traffic, cancelled flights… We made it to the airport, RAN through the security check (I was stressing out so much, my mouth was dry), and … our flight got delayed. 😀  But most important fact is that we made it to Trondheim and had one of the best weekends of our year. Taco night, walking around Trondheim in freezing cold, petting all the dogs – win win! The full post is going to be on the blog soon… 😉

Photos: Tadas P.


My husband and I decided to visit Oslo for the first time (ghm, 😀 – we  live in Norway for more than 5 years now..). Better late than never, some say. We did a road trip through the mountains – and mountains in winter are no joke, but it turned out great. I loved Oslo, and we had some pretty decent weather, so exploring went well. I enjoyed Akker brygge and Tjuvholmen the most. Oslo Opera house is worth the visit as well! We will go back for sure, but this time it has to be summer months 😉


March was a very diverse month. I lost my full time job and it was hard on me throughout the year. It should’ve been a kick in a butt – and it was – but there was a lot of inside struggle as well.

Anyway, we had another trip planned with our friends and it was the highlight of the month!  We went to Geneva, Switzerland for the International Motor Show (boys…), and did some road trippin’ to France and around as well. Some of the best memories… I miss it so much! The Laduree experience(gimme all the macarons) evened it out for us, girls, haha.  M & P – we have to plan something similar in the future again! ♥

Then later in March we had a surprise trip to Holland for Easter. (Well, surprise for me, not my husband, as he was the one planning it 😀 ). First impression of Amsterdam – flowers and bicycles everywhere, and some strange smells in some of the streets *rolling eye emoji*…


The days are getting longer and first signs of spring are coming in! We celebrated my husband’s birthday and opened the camping season. It was a bit cold, but when you have all the equipment – who cares? I did a post about it already – so if you haven’t read it – go and catch up! Here and here 😉


As we warmed up with some hiking, we wanted to do more of it. We headed to Stavanger with my parents to visit our mutual friends. If any of you know Norway a bit, you know that hike to Preikestolen is very popular in this area. Or – the most popular to say the least, and it is actually pretty easy to do. Planning to visit any time soon? Consider this place, highly recommended!

Later in May we got a surprise visit from our friends. Remember Kristina and Tadas from Trondheim? Yup. These two daredevils decided to drive from Trondheim to Bergen without saying anything, and showed on our doorstep. Well, it was my parents house as we were doing some spring cleaning or whatever…(or was it tire change?). Hm 😀 So they showed up and let us be standing completely in shock for at least a minute.

The last two weeks of May were spent travelling around Norway. My husband’s cousin(and her significant other) came to visit. We showed a bit of Norway to them. Aurland, Loen, Geiranger, Sognefjell was on the menu. I think they enjoyed it ;)) They definitely liked our bright nights – when you go to sleep in a tent and you ask to turn off the lights…when there are no lights on. 😀


It was our holiday time! And guess what? We went to USA. Again! Third time in a row… It’s just so much to see… Oh, the struggle. 😀 Anyway, I have so much content from this years’ travel , and from the previous ones – all I want to say –  just be prepared! This year we included Hawaii, Maui island, and I am in love. We did a lot of hiking, sightseeing, exploring, wine tasting… I WANT TO GO BACK! (yelling from excitement)


July was a very diverse month again. The whole summer was. I was working a lot (but only as an extra), and saw a lot of rain. It rained so much in July that I got overly depressed. I am sorry Bergen, but I hate you for this. I am a sun person afterwards…

To brighten the mood up we met with these cheeky monkeys again. Camping and spending the time together at its best!

Later that month we went to Copenhagen…for a Beyonce concert! *I always wake up like this. FlawlessYes, I slay, I know.. *

And we are lucky enough to have friends who live in Copenhagen. I & M – thank you for your hospitality. And the food. And the ice-cream 😀 It was so much fun. Be prepared, we will come back.


Somewhere in the beginning of August I celebrated my birthday. 28 is no joke. But why do I feel like 25? 😉

We did another hike – this time it was mount Skåla. We did the same hike 5 years ago – and I know why – because it is freakin’ hard! It is the biggest difference in altitude from fjord to summit and you have to be prepared very well. It is one thing while going up, and completely different when you are going down. Let me just say that at the end of the day your legs and joints will not be thanking you. Totally worth it, though. 😀

We had some family time in August as well. Chill all the way. 


As if there were not enough hikes this year, we did another one. And then this happened… well, I wanted to be one with nature. Or as my friend said – ”Yaaas, out with them tatas” :))))) This one is definitely for you , Elle :* Aside all the fun part, it helped to clear my head somehow.

Now as I look back, I see that we did a lot of camping past year. Martynas also got to experience what it is like to have road trips, and build tents, and explore nature with us. Thankfully, he did not show his tatas. :))


Well well well… look who it is. K & T strikes again! So you see, it doesn’t matter how far you live – you can make meetings happen in all circumstances. Closing of the camping season went really well. Beautiful Loen in autumn – what else we could ask for?


I came back to what I like to do – photography that is. Or to be more clear – I found the inspiration again. Creative process is a struggle at times, but it is very rewarding.

I also started my blog, and this is a completely new area for me that I have to explore. And learn a lot. But I am loving it so far. 


Family time for the win! Visited my grandmother, did Christmas cleaning around the house with my mom, got sick two times, had some photo shoots (photographed in a studio for the first time♥) , celebrated Christmas and New Year.  Spent a lot of time with my loved ones.

Thank you for this year!



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    Awwww 😍 I loved it! when you look at all the places and the pictures and the emotions it was a great year! 😊

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 12/01/2017 at 16:15

      I have to agree with you. :* Some emotions better than others, but hey-something to work on in 2017 😉

  • Reply burman steve 23/01/2017 at 15:11

    hey, pretty good but ive seen better

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