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Hello 2017! I know it’s the 4th of  January already, but oh well… I let myself ease into it 😉 After an amazing time with family and friends it’s very hard to come back to reality. But I was kind of thrown into it 😀

It’s safe to say that I had an interesting morning today. It was time to head back home  – to Bergen, I mean -and of course there was a snow storm. Despite the bad weather  I was at the airport on time. Actually, ahead of time. But they delayed our flight because the runway was not … prepared. And they were cleaning it for 40 minutes! Thank you for keeping us safe, but please do it on time, next time. I missed my connecting flight at Copenhagen, but customer service at SAS handled everything perfectly! They put me on another flight at 14:05 (I am glad there were enough seats as I was not the only one going to Bergen), and gave me some coupons for the food. I guess no one likes a hangry girl 😀

So a nice breakfast fixed the situation, and I used my free time to catch up on the blog!

This is what you get for 100 DKK (or at least this is what I chose)- a large latte, Greek-type yogurt with granola and fruits, and a big bun with chocolate bits (this one is coming home to my husband, as it is the size of my palm :D- impossible to eat)- YUM!

Have a great day and talk to you soon :* 😉 I am about to board my flight!

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