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Evening, everyone 😉 Are you holding up OK?

(Some snaps from flying home)

All this holiday rush/going home/getting things done before Christmas got me really hard. On top of that I got a bit sick today (food poisoning, meh), and had no energy whatsoever. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back on track with full power, haha. If there is one thing in life that I really really hate-that is being sick. So the wish for being healthy doesn’t sound that silly anymore 😉

On a better note – I spent a couple of days in Vilnius with friends(thanks M and P! :*), and had to experience at least a bit of winter. Everything looks so much better with a dash of white. Not to mention the hot wine and mini doughnuts while taking a stroll around the cute Christmas market.

Enjoy! I know I did 😉

Hot chocolate, anyone?

My very unusual lunch – but so good, though. 😛

The beauty of Vilnius Christmas tree at night <3

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