12 sleeps till Christmas



Hey! Are you ready for Christmas yet? I want to say I am, but to be honest…not really 😀 I still don’t feel it..  Don’t get me wrong – I love the festive season, but only when it’s not forced on you. Right? 😉

I even said to my husband that I will not be doing the Christmas tree this year. I only put one candle light on the windowsill (kinda sad, I know).  And the reason for this is that we are going to Lithuania for the holidays, and I thought – Why bother? I will have decorations there… But the truth is that I love decorating – planning, looking up ideas, making it perfect.


So this is me, not decorating:  

I would say that’s a strong will power right there 😀 But secretly, I am happy, haha :)) The only thing that I really wanted – that fresh smell of a forest – but I knew I am not going to buy a real Christmas tree. I needed one branch. And I was successful! There was this kind guy, who was selling Christmas trees, that gave it to me for free. Yay!

And I found the most lovely decorations! I am particularly very happy with the little birdie in the top photo. The good thing is that a lot of the shops have already started Christmas sales, so I bought most of the decorations with 50% off. Yay x 2. That means more money for me…em..

*cough cough*

I meant for the presents. To my loved ones. 😀

Yup, I really love that bird. ♥

On another note… I had hot chocolate for breakfast today. Delicious! Well, it was more of a cocoa drink, but still. And now I want to find a really good recipe for rich, smooth, hot chocolate! Do you know any? Share the ideas with me, please 😉

Oh, and send some snow if you find any 😀 ♥

Love, V.

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    Awwww, so sweet and cozy 😊

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