Walk with me…around Bergen



Hey guys, long time no see! Or at least a week or so…ooops 🙂

Well, you have to forgive me – I am very new to this blogging game (I am using this card for the last time, I promise, haha), so sometimes it’s very easy with all the inspiration stuff, and the other times…you have to work on it (…like 95% of the time 😀 ). Plus, the weather here is not helping me either – yes, I am that person! I function properly only when the sun is out, not when it’s raining like crazy. And it rains a LOT here. (I think Bergen is actually the rainiest city in Norway-yay for me!:)) ). All I want to do in this kind of weather  is just wrap myself up in my Minions blanket, sit on my armchair  and look through a rainy window nostalgically. You know, like Joey from ”Friends” did.

*Fun fact – I am a HUGE ”Friends” fan. I’ve seen the series several times already. I can watch them again, no problem. And I think I know almost all the lines by heart. So if you’re up for binge-watching Friends series with a blonde weirdo, let me know. 😀 *


Yesterday was the day when I forced myself to go out – I had to – the sun was shinning again, the weather was chilly – the perfect combo if you ask me. And I loooove walking around as it clears my mind when I am worrying too much. But I think I’ve mentioned that before. So I took my camera, wrapped my scarf around 3 times (  yet, I was wearing sneakers), and strolled around the city. It’s fun to see flowers still blooming – in the flower shops, I mean, and at the same time – the city getting ready for Christmas – with all the lights and decorations…But I kind of feel Grinchy this year – I don’t have that Christmas feeling yet, and I refuse it a bit… I hope it will change soon, or it will come with a dose of first snow. We’ll see. I let you know. In the meantime – walk with me 😉

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I love these cozy houses in Bergen – it’s fun to walk among them, explore, get lost a little bit. Find some inspiration 😉

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Crazy sneakers lady – I think I’m becoming Norwegian (sort of 😉 ) – these guys are tough, I think they don’t feel cold at all.sw1a5031 sw1a5035 sw1a5039-2sw1a5029-2

I completed my mission with a big cup of latte and a fresh croissant. Sorry guys, no pics, I was very hungry and in a need of something warm. 😀 Next time…

…and I have some good spots in Bergen for some really nice coffee & snacks – so I will keep you updated 😉

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Love, V.


  • Reply Eglė 29/11/2016 at 19:23

    A really nice city.. I have had a possibility to visit it several times, even sleep on that biggest mountain above the city.. Really stunning it was 😊

    • Reply ViktorijaGe 01/12/2016 at 09:22

      Egle, where did you sleep? 😉 Was it a tent??

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