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Around Norway: Hoddevik pt. II – The hike


Welcome to pt. 2 of Hoddevik series!

I hope you liked part 1, and if you haven’t read it yet – click here and catch up 😉

First thing  I have to say – we love hiking! There’s no better feeling than conquering that mountain, knowing that you can do it, that you have the strength  and ability to go further, and that you can push yourself to the limits. That you can reach the top. It clears your mind like nothing else. And rewards you with most astonishing views.

This mountain we decided to hike has no marked path (usually they are marked), so we just chose the way that looked the most appropriate and went for it. It is quite steep, and the path has loose rocks – so you have to watch your step. For us  it took around 40-50 minutes to hike, and we stopped a couple of times to catch our breath, but my husband likes to keep a pace, so… *hike hike hike*.

The best moment? No, not when you finish the hike, it’s when you get views like this:

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The view from 500 meters above the village.

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For our way back we chose another path.. A longer one. Lets just say that it was additional 10 km to our hike. 😀 I loved it, I love walking! But at the end, sitting in our camping chairs seemed as the best reward ever (still, the views from the top are the best, but you get what I am saying.. 😉  ).


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