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Around Norway: Hoddevik pt. I – The beach


These past couple of days I am dreaming of travel.

Of going some place new, or a place I really love.

But the closest thing to traveling now is just browsing through our picture archives…Not so bad, right? 😉  It gives you an inspiration to travel again, to explore more, and maybe to put up some plans for the upcoming trips…

This is the place I really want to share with you today. And since we live in Norway, it makes sense that I show you a bit of this beautiful country.

Hoddevik. A remote surfers paradise in the westernmost part of mainland Norway. Yes, a surfers paradise! An actual sandy beach, with clear turquoise-blue waters, surrounded by mountains. Sounds almost unreal…and it kind of feels this way, too. No internet, no mobile connections or mobile data. Well, at least my phone did not have any – it was only on the top of the mountain, after we did a hike, that we had a full connection. For me, it was perfect. For people, who tried to reach us – not so much. Hehe.

We found this place by accident a few years ago. First time, we only stopped here, walked around, enjoyed the beach, and could not believe that this place exists!

The second time we visited Hoddevik was with friends (yep, Kristina and Tadai, I am talking about you! – and I am saving some pictures from that trip for the next blog). Imagine this: no one around, only four people wrapped up in blankets, sitting outside the tent, talking. It’s night, and the sky is full of stars.

We hiked, walked around and had simply amazing time. I remember how sad everyone was when we had to leave.

The last time we visited this place was early spring, this year (2016). To be precise – the beginning of April. And let me tell you – it’s not so warm in April. The sun is shinning, yes, but at night it can get as cold as 1 degree (Celsius). So if you are going there in spring – be prepared – meaning warm sleeping bag, warm socks, warm everything!

It took us 6 or 7 hours to get there (have in mind-we were coming from Bergen), and when we arrived it was almost pitch dark. Imagine two people, with flashlights in hands, trying to unpack and build a tent. We succeeded, of course, but there might have been a word or two, as well.

But all the troubles are blown away when you wake up to this view. Not so shabby, right? I’ll just leave you with the pictures…

sw1a6830 sw1a7255

sw1a6833 sw1a6837sw1a6853 sw1a6852sw1a7262sw1a6862 sw1a6874sw1a6894 sw1a7279

Our goal for the next time – try out surfing!


Have you noticed the title? It says pt. I of our Hoddevik experience. The next blog is going to be about the hike…up this mountain – *hint hint* picture below… So stay tuned!


And I should’ve probably made another blog for the sunset views only. It was… aaaahhh, I have no words…                           sw1a7113 sw1a7118 sw1a7121 sw1a7126 sw1a7130 sw1a7138sw1a7143 sw1a7145 sw1a7147sw1a7155sw1a7158 sw1a7163 sw1a7167 sw1a7168 sw1a7187sw1a7193sw1a7195   sw1a7198 sw1a7203 sw1a7211 sw1a7215sw1a7251

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