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Good, late, evening, friends 😉

For the 3rd time probably, I am back. I feel the need to post here, and I really want to share so much, but at the same time I  feel some kind of creative block. And I try to avoid that, because it causes me to stress a lot (which, obviously, I don’t like). But at the moment I am working on my schedule on what and when to post – so fingers crossed it will go well.

To be honest, I have an excuse –  I am working full time now and running photography on the side, AND have the blog on my mind – so figuring out how to organise all that is my main task. The funniest thing is that I did a poll on my Instagram stories, asking people if they still read blogs, and the majority went for a BIG FAT NO 😄, but here I am – because I still believe in it! Also, yesterday I got one of the sweetest compliments – a friend of mine said that whenever she sees my travel photos, she wants to go and book plane tickets to a new destination immediately! If that is not a push to do something, then I don’t know what is.

So yeah, life lately…it’s been pretty busy, but I like it this way. I just need to work on my schedule so I have a decent work/life balance and don’t go completely crazy 😀

What has happened in these past months? I will give you a short overview since spring, because I haven’t posted anything significant until August since then.

MAY: We went to Bali, for the second time. It was such a nice and relaxing trip! Definitely one of those places where I feel completely ZEN, haha.

JUNE: I started working full time again, and we had some pretty epic weekend trips with friends in Norway. There is nothing like bright Norwegian summer nights!

JULY: Some more camping trips – with friends, and only two of us – as we were having one of the best summers so far. But the autumn sucks big time, haha 😀 Oh, we also went to Lithuania – to visit Giedrius side of the family, and to celebrate Sea Festival, which is held every year in our hometown Klaipeda.

AUGUST: Do I need to say more? It is my favourite month, without a doubt. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary – boy do we like to annoy each other, or as he says – make our life more interesting :D. Also, I turned 30(!!!). It is still so strange to write this, but I am embracing it like never before. p.s. as it turns out – it is not that bad! We also went to USA(for the 5th time!) with our friends – and it was one of the best trips. I guess they were pretty tired after all the sightseeing and waking up early, but I am not even sorry about this 😀

SEPTEMBER: Reality and work took over, and Bergen hit the record again(regarding weather, of course) – it rained the most since 1986 – 480mm to be precise. In one month. But I also got to photograph my first proper wedding – and I see it as a highlight of the month!

And here we are, in OCTOBER: more work, a little less rain, and a little bit tired. But all in all – very good. Oh, and I shared a post on Instagram which is very close to my heart and it is regarding a person’s wellbeing. Maybe I will be brave enough to do a similar post on the blog, we’ll see 😉

So here you go, some updates from my side – but how have you been doing?

That one time (yesterday :D), I went to the city…


And that other time when we actually got some sun 😉 We went for a sunset walk, of course!

Love, V.


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August is my favourite month


Well, hello, guys! It’s been a while… ;))

I definitely missed this place, but I also needed some time away from it. Besides, summer was hitting us with full force this year (and I can’t complain!), so we appreciated  it a lot – there has been many weekends in tents, exploring beautiful Norway, and enjoying everything to the fullest 😉

Anyhow, I feel that I am ready to be back (helloooo thousands of photos…👀), so I will make at least a little schedule and will be  posting starting this weekend. Pinky promise 😉

I guess it’s the influence of my favourite month – August – since it’s my birthday soon, and also – my husband and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage today. Quite a milestone, right? ;))

Here’s a short caption from an Instagram post I made today:

“Sometimes the best memories are those straight out of the iPhone 🤙🏻 Hey hubby @giedriusgedrimas, I wanna say congrats to both of US – for these 5 years of marriage, and for 12 years of being together in total!! I mean…😱 It’s been a crazy, fun, memorable ride for sure up until now ♥️ Not the easiest one, but hey, all good things require dedication and some effort 😘 Let’s make a deal and do the same photo in 50 years,- I am really curious to see if them curls last😏, hehe 😜 Love ya!”

Thanks to everyone who’s still reading – it means a lot.

Ready to be back,

Love, V.



Kings Canyon – A Sunrise Walk


Us wouldn’t be us without some activity on our travels. So we decided to visit one more point of interest before going to Uluru. A lesser known landform in Watarraka National Park – Kings Canyon. The walls of Kings Canyon are above 100 meters high, with Kings Creek at the bottom. Also, part of the gorge is sacred Aboriginal site, so visitors are advised to stay on marked paths (always show respect!).  The Canyon has two main walking trails: the easy one, 2km long, and the more challenging – a 6km Rim Walk. We knew beforehand that there are several options, so when we arrived early in the morning (a good tip for hiking – you will see a beautiful sunrise and will avoid the heat of a midday, when the walk can be closed), we immediately went for the hike. I have to be honest with you – we had more strenuous hikes before, so this was more like a walk in the park, haha. A nice, relaxing, but very windy walk (my hair was all over the place 😀 ). The sun was out, though, so all okay. We hiked the steep part quite fast, and after that we just enjoyed the sunrise above the Canyon. It was so interesting to see the changing colours on the rock formations! This is what I love about nature – it surprises you every time. About half way during the walk, there is a path to the Garden of Eden, a permanent waterhole surrounded by plant life – also, another beautiful sight!

Kings Canyon Rim Walk in numbers:*

Distance: 6 km.
Time: 3-4 hours.
Start/Finish: Kings Canyon car park.
Best Season: Winter is not as hot as summer, and after rain is ideal, when waterfalls are flowing and there is plenty of new growth and wildlife around.
Nearest towns: Uluru/Yulara (300 km) and Glen Helen (260 km).
Maps: Not necessary; follow the blue arrow markers on posts.
Food/drink: Carry a litre of water for each hour you expect to be walking.

*this information is taken from


Love, V.


Road Tripping pt. 2: A 4-wheel-drive Hotel



How’s your Sunday? Hopefully, everyone is rested and ready for a new week. 😉 And maybe for some road trip inspiration? As I wrote at the end of the previous post, on our first day of road tripping we were looking for a place to rest. It was supposed to be very exciting, because it meant that we can try out our luxurious 4-wheel-drive hotel for the first time!  (And if you didn’t get it – it was our rental car 😀 ). It was right after sunset, I was browsing a camping app (WikiCamps – a big thanks to one friend for this suggestion) and our GPS at the same time. Not that many options in the outback, haha. I managed to find one, though, and we immediately decided to stop there. As it was quite dark, the place looked a bit quirky and sketchy – some kind of a roadside Inn, with places for cars to camp, with a parking for truck drivers, and some rooms for fancier travellers. We were greeted by roosters and chickens running around, a good number of toads jumping everywhere, a receptionist with an attitude, and some roaches climbing the walls. Full package to make a good first impression. 😀 We chose a car spot, anyway (we had no options), and decided to go grab a beer (well, G. did), and chill for a while in their outside bar. Yep, with all the fauna around us. It’s safe to say, that I didn’t want to sit there very long.

Soon enough, we went to sleep – and it was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps in my life – it was hot and humid (and we couldn’t open the window because of the flies), and our mattress was squeaky whenever we turned over. But for the same reasons I will remember this night for sure! And even though the first impression was not that good, everything looked completely different in the morning. The chickens and toads were still there, the Inn was still quirky, but I was woken up by the most beautiful sunrise – and everything was good again, haha.

We managed to capture some amazing views that morning… And you can check our hotel room below. 😉


Very nutritious and very delicious breakfast bought in the local shop. Aaaaand…I am craving that mango ice cream right now.

To make our road trip a bit more interesting (remember-there’s a lot of driving), we stopped at one of the attractions – Devils Marbles, and this is what Wikipedia has to say about the place:

“The Devils Marbles are of great cultural and spiritual significance to the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land, and the reserve protects one of the oldest religious sites in the world as well as the natural rock formations found there. Karlu Karlu is the local Aboriginal term for both the rock features and the surrounding area. The Aboriginal term translates as round boulders and refers to the large boulders found mainly in the western side of the reserve. The origin of the English name for the same boulders is the following quote:

 This is the Devil’s country; he’s even emptied his bag of marbles around the place! – John Ross”


A bit later, Giedrius decided to switch the cars. Sadly, he didn’t go far… I wonder, why 😀

Anyway, we went on the road again – and after several hours we reached Alice Springs – another stop and somewhat point of interest. We strolled around for a little while, sent some postcards, filled up the gas tank, and did grocery shopping. Oh, and  bought a net for a car window (because of the flies), which we fixed with duct tape afterwards :D.

We didn’t stay long there, because we wanted to reach the Kings Canyon that day, but if you are ever visiting the area, and love animals – I would suggest you going to a kangaroo sanctuary (this was on my list, but we didn’t have time…). They rescue orphaned baby  and adult kangaroos and their main mission is to educate and encourage people to rescue and care for kangaroos and other wildlife and animals. How amazing is that!

Our day ended with a colourful sunset – again!- and I kind of felt that we are getting spoiled – but I truly can’t complain about that. We found an overnight spot again – but this time it was only a place by the road. Very remote, silent, and without any light pollution – so we were looking at the stars…

Until next time!


Love, V.


Road Tripping: a Journey to Red Centre


Hey night owls! 😉 I hope I am not alone on this one.

I am here to share our remaining stories, and today we are starting our journey to the Red Centre. (Woohoo!!… and that makes me miss this trip a lot…)

After a couple of amazing days in Kakadu National park, we had to get on the road – a long ride (almost 2000 kilometres) was ahead of us. We said goodbye to our crocodile-shaped hotel and started the road trip! To be honest, we had split our 2000 km journey into several parts, so our mission was to make at least 800 km the first day, with several stops along the way. Of course, you can drive longer and further, but it is not recommended to do it when the night falls – because there might be animals on the road (and one thing is for sure – you should be very careful about that!). We managed to spot a Dingo dog and a very shy buffalo – but they both were not that much into posing for pictures 😀

That day we had 2 points of interest in mind – Katherine Gorge and Bitter Springs/Mataranka – and both places are really worth the visit. On our first stop in Katherine we did only a short hike to Baruwei Lookout to enjoy the view of the gorge. It wasn’t the best time to do that as it was midday and the heat has reached its peak at that point, but we did not have any other choice. So we started the loop and after 5 minutes the sweat was dripping off our noses (and my heart was beating like crazy – good thing we had lots of water with us). We enjoyed the nature for about 10 minutes and went back to our car (we decided that staying here longer is not a good idea :D), and we really wanted to visit natural thermal pools in Mataranka! Taking a refreshing dip in clear waters – that is what I am talking about! After about an hour drive we reached the Bitter Springs – spring-fed pools- and G. instantly took a dip! I was not that eager to do so, because it had that funny smell, but the water itself was amazing and crystal clear! We also took a walk there among the palms, and listened to all kinds of birds (and other creatures, probably) making interesting sounds 😀

Later on we drove to another spot, where the thermal pools are turned into closed pools – and the area is the main tourist attraction. The experience was really something to remember – because all the trees there are inhabited by the little red flying-foxes (type of bats), and there are hundreds of them! They visit the area around October, and it is really spectacular to watch – I am not saying it’s pleasant (because they fly, shriek, and poop on your head all the time 😀 ), but interesting for sure.

Hiking to Burawei Lookout in Katherine Gorge. The heat was unbearable!


Bitter Springs – thermal pools.

The red foxes clearly own natural springs in Mataranka.


Cute, aren’t they? :))


Some sunset moments later that day…We were looking for a camping spot. But about that – in the next post!

Love, V.