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    Bali: Exploring the green – pt. 2

    As I promised – here is the second part to the blog about our adventures in Ubud and the surrounding areas. So after the rice terraces in Jatiluwih, we headed to the coffee plantation…

  • Travel

    Bali: Exploring the green

    And hello guys! Are you ready for some exploring? It’s been a month now since we’ve been to Bali and it is only now that I have the time to dig into pictures. But one…

  • Food Travel

    Breakfast with a view

      Morning, guys! As it is breakfast time, I thought I will share some moments from the first meal in Bali. I love good food as much as travel and photography, so here you…

  • Travel

    We woke up in paradise!

      All kinds of bugs playing their serenades, a gecko hanging somewhere on the wall and greeting us with its squeaky ”gec-ko!”, a warm breeze soothing our tired faces – that is what welcomed us in…

  • Travel

    A little recap: Lovatnet and Hoddevik

    Evening, everyone! I would not mind standing in the exact same spot as the girl in the first picture. And I can’t believe that our little weekend getaway was already two weeks ago! #timeflies…

  • Life Travel

    Norway from above – first drone shots!

    Morning guys! So this is what my husband and I were doing last weekend… Remember the weekend getaway thing? The camping and stuff? Yep, this is it. And I am soooo excited.. We were…

  • Travel

    A little weekend getaway

    Let’s talk about this morning view… I mean, come on! ♥ Yesterday we packed our bags and went for a little weekend getaway, a spontaneous one! My husband likes to do that, and a…