Weekend in Pics


And here we are – yet another Sunday evening. Is it just me, or the time is flying? It definitely looks like that 🙂 Anyway, we finally got to enjoy the real autumn weather – with all the crispiness in the air, lots of sunshine and leaves falling from trees (you know, the last ones, that were still hanging 😀 ). And what did we do? We went OUT of the house, of course.

Saturday was spent walking. Lots and lots of walking which I really love. Like 22 000 steps of walking! We were pooped out afterwards, but I am not complaining. It’s a good feeling to come back home after an active day outside, make yourself a nice dinner and have a glass of wine (or two). 😉 Oh, and cozy up with a blanket and some romantic comedy.

Today we decided to just drive around and visit other places – a bit further from home. It was like a little roundtrip and location hunting for photography – basically for fun, for ourselves – because I needed to take a mental break from everything else. When I think about the tasks that are still waiting for me and all the deadlines, I tend to overthink and eventually burn out. But as I mentioned in previous blogs, I am trying to let go of it and do other things that actually help.

We wanted to take pictures on Hardanger bridge, and maybe fly a drone there, but it was so windy and cold, that we were like ”eeem, nope”. Instead, we drove to Voss – a very cozy town, and just spent our time there. Walks, tea, and sunshine. I call it a success!

Night night, talk to ya next time ;)*

Forrest makes me calm.

Sunday shenanigans   

Love, V.


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