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Good, late, evening, friends 😉

For the 3rd time probably, I am back. I feel the need to post here, and I really want to share so much, but at the same time I  feel some kind of creative block. And I try to avoid that, because it causes me to stress a lot (which, obviously, I don’t like). But at the moment I am working on my schedule on what and when to post – so fingers crossed it will go well.

To be honest, I have an excuse –  I am working full time now and running photography on the side, AND have the blog on my mind – so figuring out how to organise all that is my main task. The funniest thing is that I did a poll on my Instagram stories, asking people if they still read blogs, and the majority went for a BIG FAT NO 😄, but here I am – because I still believe in it! Also, yesterday I got one of the sweetest compliments – a friend of mine said that whenever she sees my travel photos, she wants to go and book plane tickets to a new destination immediately! If that is not a push to do something, then I don’t know what is.

So yeah, life lately…it’s been pretty busy, but I like it this way. I just need to work on my schedule so I have a decent work/life balance and don’t go completely crazy 😀

What has happened in these past months? I will give you a short overview since spring, because I haven’t posted anything significant until August since then.

MAY: We went to Bali, for the second time. It was such a nice and relaxing trip! Definitely one of those places where I feel completely ZEN, haha.

JUNE: I started working full time again, and we had some pretty epic weekend trips with friends in Norway. There is nothing like bright Norwegian summer nights!

JULY: Some more camping trips – with friends, and only two of us – as we were having one of the best summers so far. But the autumn sucks big time, haha 😀 Oh, we also went to Lithuania – to visit Giedrius side of the family, and to celebrate Sea Festival, which is held every year in our hometown Klaipeda.

AUGUST: Do I need to say more? It is my favourite month, without a doubt. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary – boy do we like to annoy each other, or as he says – make our life more interesting :D. Also, I turned 30(!!!). It is still so strange to write this, but I am embracing it like never before. p.s. as it turns out – it is not that bad! We also went to USA(for the 5th time!) with our friends – and it was one of the best trips. I guess they were pretty tired after all the sightseeing and waking up early, but I am not even sorry about this 😀

SEPTEMBER: Reality and work took over, and Bergen hit the record again(regarding weather, of course) – it rained the most since 1986 – 480mm to be precise. In one month. But I also got to photograph my first proper wedding – and I see it as a highlight of the month!

And here we are, in OCTOBER: more work, a little less rain, and a little bit tired. But all in all – very good. Oh, and I shared a post on Instagram which is very close to my heart and it is regarding a person’s wellbeing. Maybe I will be brave enough to do a similar post on the blog, we’ll see 😉

So here you go, some updates from my side – but how have you been doing?

That one time (yesterday :D), I went to the city…


And that other time when we actually got some sun 😉 We went for a sunset walk, of course!

Love, V.


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