Monday mood: get to know me


Good (very late) evening!

It’s Monday again, a day that sets the tone for the whole week – and today I wanted to start fresh (and earlier)…and had a different blog post in mind, but that has to wait until the next time 😉

I was thinking that I can share some things that you (probably) don’t know about me. Should be fun, right? 😉

  • I am a chocolate lover. But, it has to be dark chocolate. The darker, the better. The real deal, you know? And especially I love some variations of it – a chocolate with chilli, or lime, or sea salt – that’s a go for me!
  • I love when things are organised – I like to make lists, to arrange plans, because I feel in control then. But on the other hand – sometimes my room looks as I like to call it – “an artistic chaos”, hehe. And that turns into a vicious circle – I clean up, relax, feel at ease, and the next day-bam-the mess strikes again – oh, the story of my life.
  • My taste in music varies, and depends a lot on the mood. But I have a never ending love story with Beyonce. Sorry, not sorry 😜 She inspires me a lot as a person, as a woman, and I would like to be as half as hardworking as she is. I went to her concert in the summer of 2016, that was held in Copenhagen, and it was one of the best experiences in my life.
  • I am a complete sun person – and here I am, living in Bergen, Norway, where it rains 300* days a year. (*+- 5 days, hehe)  But my mood, attitude, and everything else changes completely when I am exposed to sun. I could totally see myself living somewhere in Hawaii, or sunny California. Bali would be nice as well!
  • One animal that I really adore is a raccoon. I think they are just so darn cute. Yes, I know that they come to your house late at night, steal your stuff, and are complete rascals, but I can’t help myself. We actually had a small encounter with one of them when we were visiting USA. I really wanted to see one, but I chickened out when it happened. My husband and I were coming back to our hotel late in the evening, when I heard some noise in one of the trash containers. As we passed it, I saw a raccoon head coming out of it and looking straight at us – he was in his element, and I surely didn’t want to mess with that 😀 Still, I think they are cute!

  • When I was a child, or a teenager – I had no problem with watching scary movies. Now – I can’t force myself to watch one!
  • I love walking – I consider that to be the best exercise for me (aghem), and I think this habit comes from my childhood. I used to have walks with my dad when I was little – to the sea, in the park, to the city – he was taking me everywhere on foot, and I seemed to like that! So it stuck with me until now, only my pace has increased.
  • I never finish my coffee, even though it is a necessity for me! A ritual for everyday. But no matter how big of a cup I make, I always leave a little at the bottom. I get some remarks from my better half about this issue, but I can’t do anything about it 👀
  • Escaping to nature helps to clear my head. Some place with mountains, a lake, or a hidden beach – that is what I need to completely recharge and go away from my thoughts.
  • Oh, and here’s the last one – I am a slightly clumsy person. I can bump into a table without a particular reason, spill my coffee, or splatter salt all over the kitchen  floor (never happened…👀) – things just happen to me, haha.


I hope you enjoyed some random facts about me – and I would like to know something about my readers as well! Tell me in the comments, I would appreciate that!

Love, V.


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