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Monday mood: wanderlust



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Happy start of the week everyone! Can you tell I am longing for travel? Major wanderlust happening here. And I thought I will share a collage of pics to show you how I feel… Haha – sand, sun, palm trees and ocean would be very much appreciated right now. Oh, and a fresh coconut here and there… Actually, I can tell you a little secret – in a couple of months we are going to a place we have never been before, and it has everything I wish for. So stay tuned! 😛


Also, I’ve been loving this Monday so far. And if you haven’t – I have some tips to make it better (or at least the rest of the week)… 😉

1. Make a plan 

A day before write the things you have to do in your notebook, or planner,or whatever. Start with the most important ones and crush them first thing in the morning. As they say – if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail. Pure wisdom right here, my friends. 😛

2. Break a little sweat

Believe me, exercise is important (this comes from the girl who worked out for the first time in 2 months…). I felt amazing! I mean, I was weak a.f., but I did it. Or if you really don’t feel it – just have a nice walk outside for at least 45 minutes – it will clear your mind. I promise!

3. Do something differently

Have a break from your usual habits. As for me – I am not drinking/using milk this week. And it is torture, as I love coffee so much – I have to have it with milk – latte or cappuccino. But, 1) I want to see if my skin clears up as I have breakouts occasionally, 2) coffee with almond or other plant based milk does not taste the same to me.

So, here you go… Some very simple recommendations, but maybe they will help you. I am off to do some picture related work, squeeze in a walk, and dream more about travels. 😉

Love, V. 

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