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Gardens By The Bay


…where wonder blooms!

A big must, while you are in Singapore, is visiting Gardens by the Bay.  Truly a masterpiece that presents the plant kingdom in a whole new way! It is made of three distinctive gardens – Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central (and I totally Googled it up, because I wanted to give you some more information 😀 ). However, Bay South is the largest of the three, and it has the main attractions: Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, OCBC Skywalk, the beautiful sculptures… you name it!

We spent the rest of our remaining time in Singapore in the Gardens and visited what seemed most interesting for us. Our  exploring started at Cloud Forest, a refreshing world, veiled in mist! We were so happy with our decision, because temperature outside was around 35°C and very humid, and inside the dome it was still humid :D, but much cooler. So to explain it simply – this place is a replica of a cloud forest that grows in the mountains with a unique biodiversity of the plant life.

See that mist? This is what I am talking about – very refreshing, and gives a feeling of a true forest!

Later on we went to see the giant trees, aka the Supertree Grove. They look amazing by daytime, but even more mesmerising when night falls. There is a light and sound show in the evening, but we missed it because we had to catch our flight to Australia that same day.

However, we were walking around, enjoying the views as the sun was just about to set and we took a stroll on the Skyway among the trees – with beautiful panoramic views of the gardens.

One of the sculptures in the park – PLANET – that caught my attention. It is a hefty seven tons, but it looks as if it is floating in the air.

So this sums up our short but wonderful stay in Singapore. Have you ever visited this place? If yes, what did you like the most?

Love, V.



The Marina Bay Sands Experience


Hey, guys! Look at me, finally blogging again!

I really missed this place, and I promise I will not leave it without attention for such a long time now 😉

It has been two weeks already since we came home, and gosh, time is flying! The days are short and cold here, and all I wanna do is cuddle up in my blanket with a warm cup of tea. And don’t get me started on waking up in the morning – all this change in temperature got me snoozing my alarm for 2-3 times. Good thing I had to work in the afternoons ( my extra job as a receptionist -…aaaand that explains my absence from the blog as well – I simply did not have time for any editing).

But today I want to share our experience at Marina Bay Sands – as I mentioned in my previous blog about Singapore, it was our first stop before heading to Australia, and we wanted to stay here to see what the fuss is all about, haha. Ok, first we had a debate if we should really stay there, because it costs more than an average hotel. But we decided to treat ourselves and it was one of the best decisions. 😉


We arrived at the hotel after three long flights, and we were exhausted, to say the least (I usually can’t sleep on a plane, I am always alert.) All I could think about was a big comfy bed, but we had the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands on our minds! And it is stunning, as you could guess. The whole experience there was exceptional – from checking in (our room was upgraded to a bit bigger one!), to later check out the next day(without any charge), and a very good customer service in general.

As we entered our room we were greeted with this view – the curtains were shut at first and they started opening as we walked in (talk about the first impression, haha)! I was so surprised and overly excited 😀 We freshened up a bit, I had a nice shower and we went straight to the infinity pool! It was a bit crowded, but that did not ruin the day – it is still plenty of space to relax and enjoy the view there. And that’s exactly what we did.

The bathroom was probably bigger than our living room back home 😀

This view! 

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands – everything you would want in one place.

Our very first room service – and of course, we ordered a burger, at around 11 PM 😀

The next day I set my alarm for 6 AM (which Giedrius was not so happy about :D), but I wanted to see sunrise at the infinity pool and experience the place with less people. Worth. Every. Minute. Without sleep. Haha :)) I am a huge sunset lover, but there is something magical about sunrise as well – especially when it paints morning skies with colors like these!

On the other side of the infinity pool they have some jacuzzis overlooking the bay. Definitely not a bad way to start a day, right? Besides this, there is also a beautiful observation deck where you can enjoy the views of Singapore – from bay area, to the city itself!

At the end of the day we were pretty stoked with this place, and it was sure a bit sad to leave, but I appreciated every moment there! If you are planning of visiting Singapore and your budget lets you squeeze in at least one night at this wonderful hotel – do it! It is worth the hype 😉

Love, V.



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Australia: first impressions!


Hey, guys! Oh, I know that it has been some time – but we have been road tripping and having an internet was more of a luxury than a necessity;) But today, after many days on campgrounds and sleeping in a car, we decided to book a hotel – and that means that I have a proper wifi and can share some stuff with you!

As of now, we have already reached South Australia – but we started our journey in Darwin. Since then, we have visited Kakadu National Park, enjoyed the beauty and magic of Uluru and drove on what seemed to be endless roads on our way to Adelaide. Everything here seems a bit unreal, but so so beautiful and full of life! A variety of wildlife really amazes me, it looks like something taken out of a BBC documentary. Oh, and don’t get me started on those sunsets – we have seen pretty spectacular ones!

I promise, I will do proper and full posts on our travels here in Australia,  but for now – I will leave you with some pictures and I’ll try to make some comments here and there. I hope this will bring you some warmth and sunshine – sorry friends back in Norway and Lithuania, I can’t comprehend the fact that winter is coming. 😀


This little fella is the size of a thumb, but he is a very good fisherman;)

Some moments from our boat tour in Kakadu National Park.


It gets really dusty on some roads…

Natural pools to refresh ourselves – very much needed (that day temperatures hit 41 degrees C.)


First sights of kangaroo!


Our morning view while camping in a car – not so bad, right?

First signs that we are going the right way 😉 This experience was really unforgettable! We managed to see two sunsets and two sunrises at Uluru, did a base walk around the rock and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this place – my advice would be – DO IT, without any doubt! I promise you, it will be something 😉

And as for now – have a wonderful day, goodnight from me, and talk to you (probably) soon!


Love, V.


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Singapore moments


G’day everyone!

At the moment, when I am typing this, I am already in Australia (and there will be updates, many of them, if I get my hands on some kind of internet 😄!), but I just wanted to share some moments from our stay in Singapore.

It was our first stop on a 5 week long trip – and it was simply magical. We treated ourselves with a stay at Marina Bay Sands, and boy oh boy, it was worth every penny! 😄 After several flights and long traveling time, a comfy bed and a room with a view was very much needed.  And their infinity pool  was like a cherry on the top! We chilled a bit (I almost fell asleep), had a couple cocktails and enjoyed the views of the Marina Bay and the city.        

Since we had only 1 day in Singapore,  we woke up pretty early the next morning, to catch that sunrise and enjoy the pool without that many people in it (it gets pretty crowded during peak hours, but the good thing is that the access is given only to the hotel guests). After a good breakfast, we headed to the city to explore a bit more. We did not plan many activities – as we didn’t want to rush everywhere, so we just hang out, walked a bit, and were a bit surprised of how much Singapore reminded us of the USA (street names, the buildings, etc.), the only thing that is extremely different- the cleanliness of the place (and there are big fines for littering!).


The visit to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Gardens by the Bay – a manmade wonder, so this was our last thing to do later that day. We visited the Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway – I really enjoyed both, but what amazed me the most was that lush green colour everywhere, that is really soothing to the eye. I hope you enjoyed this little recap, and I will try to come back with some more as soon as possible 😉

Good night from us!


Love, V.



Travel day


Hey, guys!

Sorry for no updates these past days – it has been pretty busy with work, some last minute preparations before the trip, and other stuff that I had to finish. As always, I thought that I had plenty of time, but yesterday at around 1 AM we were still packing our luggage… And maybe because of this, or overall excitement, I couldn’t sleep properly – but I hope that this will work in my favour later, haha 😀

But today’s the DAY – we are going away for our vacation, and I couldn’t be happier! Sounds a bit surreal, to be honest, but amazing at the same time. *pinching myself constantly*

So as it is going to be a long travel day, with several flights, I will try to think of some sort of plan for the blog, and I will try to post as much as possible (while enjoying our vacation, of course ;), and having in mind that internet quality might not be that good). But I will try to update my Instagram stories, so you can follow me along here. (No pressure, though 😀 )

As for now – I am going to finish my coffee (which is most probably cold at this point), wait for my husband to arrive, and we will start our journey! *excited!!!*

Have a wonderful Friday and a good weekend, peeps, talk to you later! :)*

Love, V.





Happy Sunday, peeps! Oh, I hope you had a wonderful one.

This weekend the weather in Bergen was insane (meaning – the sun was shining all the time), and my mood and overall feeling is great! It hasn’t been a very active weekend, rather a slower one, but I needed this change.

So today we decided to go for a late breakfast and a cup of good coffee in the city, and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather while it lasts. We went to one of our favourite spots  –  Espresso House, because they serve a really good coffee and have a selection of foods to choose from. And recently they started making matcha latte, which, of course, I had to try (and they make a tasty one – not too bitter, which is a good sign 😉 ).

We sat there, sipping on our coffee/matcha latte, and sun was shining all over us – and it was a pure Sunday bliss!


After that, we had a little walk around the city – and let me tell you – it is much better with all the warmth and beautiful weather (unbelievable, right? 😀 ). We also met with one guy who we had known for quite some time (and mostly from social media, haha), and he has this cuuuute dog akita-inu Limi that I wanted to pet and cuddle for quite some time.  The fluffiness and softness and cuteness of this dog is unbelievable. Hands down, it was one of the best Sundays! Do I sound like a crazy dog lady yet? 😀


Aaaahh, she is so darn cute. ❤️ I wanted to take her home with me (too bad I can’t), but this was such a nice time. Thanks, Algirdas, for letting me pet her – my heart is complete 😀

Love, V.


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One week left


Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

-Gustave Flaubert

Hey, friends! (Real and virtual ones, hehe 🙂 )

Today’s  Friday and it means that it is officially one week left until our vacation! ONE. WEEK. I thought that on this occasion I can share a bit of our travel plans, but I am so excited that I basically don’t know where to start and what to write first.

Ok, so here it goes. 

We are going to visit koalas!

And kangaroos!

And crocodiles…aghemmm…maybe not, or maybe from very far away. Do you see the pattern here?   We are going to the land Down UnderAustralia, a country, that I wanted to visit for so long, and my heart and soul still can’t handle this!

But. It is not the only destination that we have in our plans – we are kind of doing a round-the-world trip, with 4 stops in total!

A quick layover in Doha, a day in Singapore, a bit more than two weeks in Australia, and then – we are going back to Hawaii (also for about two weeks)! But this time it is going to be other islands (last year we visited Maui). And then we have a couple of days in Los Angeles before coming home.

Sometimes I ask myself, if this is real, and I have to pinch myself from time to time.


There’s gonna be some road trippin’ in Australia, some new experiences, sleeping in a car (most likely :D), but I am so looking forward to this! And I really hope I will be able to share some moments on the go with you guys, but I already got some heads up that internet there is…not so good. Fingers crossed, though!

Some scenery of beautiful Maui island! The beaches are just insane, and Road to Hana with waterfalls is like a different world – I haven’t seen this much greenery in quite some time.

What’s your dream destination? Are you as crazy about travel as we are? 😀 Let’s talk!

Love, V.



Buddha Bowl


…and what is a Buddha Bowl you might ask? To explain it simply – it’s a bowl packed with all kinds of nourishing food, mostly veggies, grains, nuts & seeds. You might add lean proteins to it also.

What I like about it the most – it is very easy to make, and it turns out to be a very nice and filling meal. Especially on a day like this – autumn is approaching us in full speed, with heavy rains, and colder temperatures, and all I wanted to do today was sitting with a big cup of tea or coffee in my hands, hiding under the fluffiest blanket I could find. Unfortunately, that happened only in my head, because I was cleaning around the house, trying to tidy up a bit. So this meal seemed as a perfect treat afterwards!

So to build up one, you have to decide on the following:

BASE: kale; spinach; lettuce; leafy greens; soba noodles; etc.

VEGGIES: carrots; broccoli; cucumber; tomatoes; zucchini; etc.

PROTEIN: beef; seafood; quinoa; chicken; tofu; etc.

COMPLEX CARBS: sweet potatoes; corn; barley; buckwheat; peas; etc.

CRUNCH: chia seeds; nuts; red pepper; etc.

FLOURISH: avocado; hummus; tahini; cilantro; peanut sauce; etc. 

My attempt at making the Buddha Bowl was this: I baked some sweet potato (seasoned with olive oil, sea salt flakes, herbs, umami spices), added  ¼ avocado, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes and some spinach. Assembled them in a bowl (hence the name) – and voila – you have one amazing lunch or dinner! I think some tahini sauce would have worked here as well.

It was so good that I enjoyed every bite of it! Will be doing some other variations in the future for sure.

Love, V.



Monday mood: get to know me


Good (very late) evening!

It’s Monday again, a day that sets the tone for the whole week – and today I wanted to start fresh (and earlier)…and had a different blog post in mind, but that has to wait until the next time 😉

I was thinking that I can share some things that you (probably) don’t know about me. Should be fun, right? 😉

  • I am a chocolate lover. But, it has to be dark chocolate. The darker, the better. The real deal, you know? And especially I love some variations of it – a chocolate with chilli, or lime, or sea salt – that’s a go for me!
  • I love when things are organised – I like to make lists, to arrange plans, because I feel in control then. But on the other hand – sometimes my room looks as I like to call it – “an artistic chaos”, hehe. And that turns into a vicious circle – I clean up, relax, feel at ease, and the next day-bam-the mess strikes again – oh, the story of my life.
  • My taste in music varies, and depends a lot on the mood. But I have a never ending love story with Beyonce. Sorry, not sorry 😜 She inspires me a lot as a person, as a woman, and I would like to be as half as hardworking as she is. I went to her concert in the summer of 2016, that was held in Copenhagen, and it was one of the best experiences in my life.
  • I am a complete sun person – and here I am, living in Bergen, Norway, where it rains 300* days a year. (*+- 5 days, hehe)  But my mood, attitude, and everything else changes completely when I am exposed to sun. I could totally see myself living somewhere in Hawaii, or sunny California. Bali would be nice as well!
  • One animal that I really adore is a raccoon. I think they are just so darn cute. Yes, I know that they come to your house late at night, steal your stuff, and are complete rascals, but I can’t help myself. We actually had a small encounter with one of them when we were visiting USA. I really wanted to see one, but I chickened out when it happened. My husband and I were coming back to our hotel late in the evening, when I heard some noise in one of the trash containers. As we passed it, I saw a raccoon head coming out of it and looking straight at us – he was in his element, and I surely didn’t want to mess with that 😀 Still, I think they are cute!

  • When I was a child, or a teenager – I had no problem with watching scary movies. Now – I can’t force myself to watch one!
  • I love walking – I consider that to be the best exercise for me (aghem), and I think this habit comes from my childhood. I used to have walks with my dad when I was little – to the sea, in the park, to the city – he was taking me everywhere on foot, and I seemed to like that! So it stuck with me until now, only my pace has increased.
  • I never finish my coffee, even though it is a necessity for me! A ritual for everyday. But no matter how big of a cup I make, I always leave a little at the bottom. I get some remarks from my better half about this issue, but I can’t do anything about it 👀
  • Escaping to nature helps to clear my head. Some place with mountains, a lake, or a hidden beach – that is what I need to completely recharge and go away from my thoughts.
  • Oh, and here’s the last one – I am a slightly clumsy person. I can bump into a table without a particular reason, spill my coffee, or splatter salt all over the kitchen  floor (never happened…👀) – things just happen to me, haha.


I hope you enjoyed some random facts about me – and I would like to know something about my readers as well! Tell me in the comments, I would appreciate that!

Love, V.



Sunset moments


The sunset today was something magical! I wanted to go out for a walk, but then I wanted to stay home more 😀 (I have a cold again – second time in a month or so, meh – so I feel 50/50), but when I saw glimpses of the sky, I knew I have to run out for a couple quick shots!

It looks as if Bergen is trying to redeem itself from a crappy weather that we had all summer, hehe – so it is sunny and warm, and really nice these days. And I hope it will stay this way!

And as for now – good night, I hope you have beautiful sunsets wherever you are ;)*

*lets enjoy this beauty, mmm’kay?*


Love, V.