Mid week thoughts



Uffff… what a week it was! Ok, a week and a half… where did the days go? I still can’t comprehend the fact that it is September (the second part of it!). Last  Monday I was back in Lithuania, visited some friends and family, finished some photo projects, had a couple of photo sessions, and attended a wedding! (Which was a blast, by the way!) 💃🏼 Oh, and those who follow me on Instagram, know that I bought a dress for the occasion on the very last day – very risky, but I was more than lucky, haha.

And today, I am home, trying to list all the things I have to do. Everytime I am back from somewhere, I need a couple of days to recover and gather my thoughts. Is it just me, or is it normal?  *don’t know if I want to stand out or fit in* 😂

Anyway, one thing is clear – we had some pretty good time, and now work and responsibilities are on my to-do list. And there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee, tea, or matcha latte (a new favourite), accompanied by some snacks, while I am working or doing some planning. I am really lucky being able to collaborate with Nutrilett, as I have been a big fan of their meal replacement bars/snack bars for quite some time. For over six or seven years now, to be precise 😉

When I am going somewhere – hiking, to the city, traveling, to the photo shoot – I have one (two) bars with me, and my favourites always were either  Smooth Caramel bar or  Quinoa Nut Crunch bar. BUT,  this autumn they released two new flavours, and I am obsessed!

OBSESSED. They are that good. This comes from a person who likes to snack all the time 😀 I love to make my own when I have time, and when I don’t – I grab one of these.

So two new flavours are Nut & Chia (all natural mix of roasted nuts, chia seeds, and dark chocolate – *drooling*), and Chocolate Mousse Crumble (you had me at dark chocolate, again :D. This one is a combination of fine dark chocolate mousse and oats).  For me, it sounds and tastes pretty darn good – especially when they are not packed with sugar! So, if you are interested and want to stack up for the coming autumn/winter months – I have a discount code for you (valid in Norway, at – VIKTORIJA30. Put this when you finish your order, and it will give you a 30% discount on the whole purchase! You can use it throughout September 😉

Happy snacking…! Tell me if you have tried this, and share your thoughts – talk to you soon 😘

In collaboration with NutrilettNorge

Love, V.




The highest mountain top in Norway!


Ok, guys.

Do you remember when I told you that we had plans for the last weekend of summer? Well, let me tell you something -our plan was fulfilled 100%, and  here are the pics and a little story about it! Because the least I can say is that it was EPIC!

What we had in mind was this mountain – Galdhøpiggen– the highest mountain top not only in Norway, but all Scandinavia and Northern Europe as well! It is 2469 m. above sea level, and when good weather conditions occur – you are able to see spectacular views! I am talking all those mountain peaks and glaciers in Jotunheimen National park. It is indescribable feeling when you are standing there on the top, all tired after the strenuous hike, and this amazing beauty is all around you.

So we were eyeing the weather for the location for about a week, and we couldn’t believe that it was sun in the forecast. SUN! All weekend!!! Can you believe it? I certainly couldn’t, because you know, it rains just a little bit in Bergen most of the time. *aghem* After the weather confirmation, we contacted our companions, packed our bags and agreed to meet in Spiterstulen (the most popular place to start this hike – be sure to check the links with information about the place – IF you are interested in visiting this place).  And I strongly advise that you should be 😉

We arrived to the place first, built our tent, inspected the area and waited for our friends while having some dinner and some wine. I swear, all food and drinks taste much better in nature! Don’t you agree?

Our friends came at around 11 PM and it was pitch black already, so we just helped them with their stuff, and sadly it was a bit too late to sit and talk. And a bit too cold, too. It was around 0 or -1 degrees celsius at night, hence the cold that I had this week. So guys took some pictures of the starry skies, and we went to sleep.

We woke up early in the morning, at around 7 – 7:30 AM, because there are some picture geeks who want to catch the first rays of sun. What I didn’t realise was that the sun is blocked by another mountain until certain hour. So in the meantime we got ready, had breakfast, and started our journey.

These two were covered in frost early in the morning.


Only forward! No problems yet… 😀

We stopped here for some snacks and some water, and of course – to rest a bit and catch a breath. A good tip – don’t do a long pause while hiking, because it will be even HARDER to hike afterwards.


They finally saw it! All those little dots on the snow – that’s people, and it was many of them that day.


And here we are! That moment we were standing/sitting higher than anyone else in Norway 😛

We found an empty spot, made ourselves comfortable (as it can be comfortable sitting on the rock), prepared some food and enjoyed the views.


Oh, and another great tip/or rather a note – if you think you are not physically capable to do this – believe me, you are most probably wrong. We met a couple in their eighties (86-87!!!), and they made it to the top no problem. Of course, on their own pace, but they made it. How incredible is that? That is my #lifegoals. 😉

After food was time for a little photo session, that easily took us about an hour. Whoops! But it was truly a time well spent – all these mountains around you give incredible backgrounds. We were taking pictures on the edge of the mountain, with a snow cap on it (sorry mom & dad – I tried to be careful), flew our drone, and just enjoyed the day.


On our way down, we met a couple – they thought we were from Slovenia (or Slovakia) because they saw a car with license plate numbers of that country, and long story short – we made new friends 😀 You never know where you can meet interesting people. So kudos to Tadas that he talked to them again! We spent that evening in a warm cabin, talking about life and reflecting on our day.

Well, all I can say is – more days like this!

Love, V.





Hey, hello!

How are you holding up? I hope your week is going fine so far! It’s Friday tomorrow (wait, what??), and also- it’s first day of autumn – how crazy is that?! Ok, it’s not that crazy, that’s how years go – but you get the gist. Where did the time go???

As for myself, I needed a pause this week – from the amazing weekend with hiking and camping in Galdhøpiggen (the highest mountain top in Norway), to work almost everyday (I had one free day today-and will be working the whole weekend), to getting a bit sick (hey-ya sneezing and coughing), a little break was very much needed. And yes, you understood correctly – I spent my free day being sick. And my husband joined me 😄 A very fun day in Gedrimai household today! So now, as I am typing, my feet are resting in a lavender salt bath, hoping this stinkin’ cold will go away soon.

I had to do some things today, that couldn’t be missed – my car needed a little fix up, so I dropped it off early in the morning, and decided to go for some grocery shopping while waiting. I bought some croissants (to brighten up the being-sick mood), and some oranges, carrots and ginger – for an immune boosting juice (I have a juicer, that has been silently crying in the corner), and made one mean juice-health-shot. I think your body feels when it needs that extra kick of vitamins! Of course, you should be consuming a good dose of your fruits  & veggies on a daily basis, but that additional portion will only do you good.

So I juiced around 4-5 oranges, added the same amount of carrots, and two lumps of ginger (not pieces  – lumps !), that’s when you will feel that “kick”, haha. And all of this for 2 people only 😉 Even looking at that bright orange colour made me feel happier!

I also have a recipe for a good mixture of lemon, honey & ginger, that could be eaten on its own, or added to the tea – a very good remedy to prevent getting a cold, because ya’ know – winter is coming. So I will share it on the blog soon.

Besides concentrating on getting better, I also wanted to read some new books. I was in a need of a good one for a long time – with all the thinking, overthinking, and burning out on many activities – I felt as if a new book would help me deal with the situation. Preferably, a self-help book of some kind. So I purchased two – “A road less travelled” by M. Scott Peck, and  “The art of happiness” by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler. Both of them have very good insights and  interesting reviews, so I am more than eager to read my way through them and earn some life’s wisdom 😉 I will let you know how that  goes 😀 .

Oh, and if you have some suggestions for some good books that you have read and that made impact on you – let me know in the comments! Sharing is caring, they say. :*

I am off to make the n-th cup of tea today, good-night!

Love, V.

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Summer feels


And good morning to you, too!

This post, or these photos actually, were supposed to see daylight in the beginning of summer (can’t type these words without shedding a tear 😢  – summer please don’t go! – even though we did not have a proper one. Two days don’t count 😂). But I love the memories from that time, so I was thinking – why not sharing them now?

It was the end of May when we went camping to south-east of Norway (as always-chasing some warmth and sun), and found a beautiful and very calm spot. It is called Omlidstranda Camping and  I would suggest you visiting it if you are ever in this area. There is a long beach, lots of camping places, pine trees  alongside the shore (which gave me the feeling that I am in my hometown, sitting by the sea), and a cute little town nearby. I remember we took a walk that evening when we arrived- and it was the most peaceful feeling in a long time. I needed to clear my head from many things, and it worked! We also did some sunset watching followed with some wine tasting, but that’s just between us, ok? 😉

This upcoming weekend is the last weekend of summer that I am free from work, so I hope we will do something fun and worth remembering! We (as in my husband and I, and friends) do have some sort of plans, but that depends on weather – so fingers crossed, and for now – let’s enjoy these beautiful views!

I said it before and I will say it again – I am a total sunset lover, and every single one of them touches my heart in a different way. Can’t help it.


Monday mood: trust your journey


Good morning, people!

Oh, you have no idea, how I missed this place. I was supposed to blog throughout the summer, but life happened (as always. And lack of content, time and motivation😁). 3 months later – and here I am.

So…what have I been up to? Well, I started to run my photography as a business and not as a hobby. It has been up in my mind for a long time, but I never had the guts to actually do it. So I went for it and registered it as a company in May, and I am still  in the process of development (which I thought will go faster, but you live and you learn, right? 😁). Alongside to this, I still have some work on the side in the reception (I have mentioned this before, if you have been following the blog), and juggling two things makes it a bit harder, but I am getting there. Of course, this is not an excuse if you have a passion and a vision, but for me ( being me – aka a professional over-thinker -) it was one of the obstacles.

That being said, I felt as if this year (up until now) was not my year at all. There have been times when I felt as if everything is falling out of hands. Little problems, that make you panic and not see the situation clearly.

And my birthday was coming up. (The time when you feel most vulnerable)

29th birthday – last year when I am in my twenties. And all I could feel, was the feeling of being a failure. Because I haven’t done “this, this & that”. You know, the stereotypes 😉     

But the day came and turned out to be better than I expected (and I expected nothing 😁). And was some kind of a turning point in the way I see my life. No, nothing drastic, I would rather call it “accepting the situation”, and “following your journey “.

Which leads me here. I always say – “It’s all in the details”, and I truly mean it. For me, it was this bracelet which I got for my birthday and which I LOVE a lot. It represents me, my doubts and my wishes, my love for being philosophical 😁, and overall feeling that I am on the right path.

So here I am, and I have some plans already for the blog, so if you decide to stay and read from time to time –  thank you for following along!

Love, V.



A hint of red


Good morning, babes! Not sure how I should address the guys (babe-os? :D), but oh well. You get it. :))

A couple of days ago Norway celebrated its National Day, and it was the first time (in 6 years!), that we get to see and celebrate it as well. I was either working or it was raining on that day in the previous years. So, as the sun was out and we felt the festive mood – we decided to dress up a bit and and go to the city. It was a nice change for a day because usually you can see me running around in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. And as my outfit turned out to be with blue and white details, I knew I had to incorporate something red as well.

The best way to do that? Lipstick, always lipstick 😉 A red one. Just be sure to find a proper shade for your skin tone, and it will be your best accessory. Well, at least I think so, and probably all of the French girls. And they can’t be wrong. Right? 😉

I really wanted to take some photos of the cherry trees, and to make some kind of tradition out of it – because I did it last year, and the year before, but the petals started falling down already. Eh… But – we found a beautiful rhododendron (oh gosh, what a word), and did a little photo shoot there. So much inspiration at this time of the year! Warm, long days – I love you ♥

And…it’s Friday! Time for that red lipstick, huh, girls?

Lipstick: Max Factor (Love, 35) Ring: Gina Tricot 

Love, V.


17th of May inspired breakfast


Hey, everyone! And a special ”Hey!” to my Norwegian friends.

Today, they celebrate their National Day (or Constitution Day) and a lot of festivities are held during the day. They dress up with their traditional Norwegian costumes (bunad), start up the day with drinking champagne for breakfast (I think I have to join next year!), and later on gather together to celebrate with everyone! It is really inspiring of how much thought and effort they put to make it special 😉

So today I prepared a breakfast inspired by 17th of May! I made a little chia pudding/strawberry/blueberry parfait, and I think it goes well together with the colors of the flag – red, white and blue. It was not only yummy, but very nice to look at, too. And you know by now, that I love all the details that appeal to the eye.

I have prepared chia pudding before, so you can find a recipe in my previous blog posts under the category ”FOOD”. 

We are going to finish our breakfast and go to the city later – I really want to see all the celebrations! And the weather is perfect today – we have sun and the whooping 19 degrees! 😀

Have an amazing day! And – Gratulerer med dagen, Norge 

Love, V.

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Bali: Exploring the green – pt. 2


As I promised – here is the second part to the blog about our adventures in Ubud and the surrounding areas.

So after the rice terraces in Jatiluwih, we headed to the coffee plantation for a little tour and tasting. We did not choose a particular one, we kind of trusted our driver – but if you have something in mind, plan it ahead. There are a lot of coffee tasting houses/plantations/cooking classes in Bali that you can choose from – and it is a really great way to learn about the culture more.

 Fresh cinnamon in my hand! Smells divine… We got to see and learn not only about the Bali coffee, Kopi Luwak, but also about the herbs and spices. And I really enjoyed this part!

A big nesting-box for big-ass spiders. Just kidding 😛 Or am I...?

And then – the famous Kopi Luwak! I’ll give you some information from Wikipedia:

Kopi luwak , or civet coffee, refers to the coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet.

Producers of the coffee beans argue that the process may improve coffee through two mechanisms, selection and digestion. Selection occurs if the civets choose to eat cherries. Digestive mechanisms may improve the flavor profile of the coffee beans that have been eaten. The civet eats the cherries for the fleshy pulp, then in the digestive tract, fermentation occurs. The civet’s protease enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through a civet’s intestines the cherries are then defecated with other fecal matter and collected.”

So, if your question is if we have tried the coffee – yes, we did. But I would not anymore – mostly because I did my research, and read not so fun facts. And since I do not want this to be a sad blog, I will just leave a link for you, if you want to be educated more 😉

(Read some more here.)

On the other hand – we have tried a variety of different coffees and teas. The smell and the taste of peanut coffee, or coconut coffee is just YUM! And the tour is free (except for the Luwak coffee cup – but you decide if you want it or not), so it is only nice if you purchase at least a little something from them.

After the tour we had a very needed lunch (because it was just about time) and we were deciding what to do. We had only a couple of hours left as the sun sets quite early there – around 6:20 PM to be precise, so we decided to skip the waterfall and go for our last destination – Tegalalang Rice Terraces. 

In around 10 minutes we were happy with our decision, because it started raining cats and dogs! The streets were flooded with water and it seemed as if everything is floating around. Good thing we were in a car! Not so good if you are on a motorbike – but I guess locals are used to this.

Just before we arrived to our last spot, the rain has stopped and it was almost time for the sunset. We did not have to see it, as it was overcast, but the rice terraces were beautiful. We flew our drone, scared some people 😀 (not intentionally – the woman did not see the drone landing, and when she did, she jumped back a bit. Sorry about that!), and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

The only thing that I regret – that we did not have enough time to explore every place in depth. It is so beautiful and calm there, that you want to take it in with every part of your body.

This picture sums it up pretty well 😉

Talk to you next time – good night, sleep tight and dream about Bali!

Love, V.    

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Bali: Exploring the green


And hello guys! Are you ready for some exploring? It’s been a month now since we’ve been to Bali and it is only now that I have the time to dig into pictures. But one thing I can tell you – it is really fun to look back to all the good memories and experiences… and I want more of those!

So as I have mentioned before, first days we stayed in Ubud – the jungle of Bali, the greenery of Bali, the heart of Bali! And as we had only a couple of days there, we wanted to see as much as possible.

Our plan to see places went something like this:

  • Pura Luhur Batukaru (temple)
  • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
  • A coffee plantation for the world’s most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak… Others might refer to it as a ”poop” coffee, haha (and it actually is). I was excited for this one, until after the trip I did a bit of research on it. But keep with me here 😉
  • Tegenungan Waterfall –  (spoiler alert – we did not have the time to get there – it started raining like crazy, and we had another location to visit).
  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces

We hired a driver for a day (around 10h – it cost us 700 000 IDR / 53$ – for 4 people – maybe a bit expensive, but as it was last minute, I would say a good price ;)), and went on our little adventure. What excited me the most was all the greenery! Palms, banana trees, rice fields – in such a soothing green color that I could not stop watching. My eyes were longing for something like this after a very long and grey winter.

First stop – Pura Luhur Batukaru – ”one of Bali’s key temples, located at the foot of namesake Mount Batukaru. At an altitude of 2,270m above sea level on the second highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung, the temple is surrounded by cool natural forests, providing a pleasant sightseeing stopover for nature lovers. ” 

As we have never traveled East before (we – me and my husband), and haven’t had the chance to see other cultures and religions that is very different to ours, it was a really nice experience! All the ceremonies and rituals that they do, the way they dress and prepare for the day – something not to be missed. Oh, and the locals are very friendly, too- it was the first time that I asked someone to pose for the picture, and they had no issues with that.

The beautiful people of Bali.

Yep, even guys have to wear sarongs. But they look cute, don’t they? :))

Oh, hi there! We could not resist the combo of this tree, the reflections and the beauty of this girl 😛

These two Balinese men were very eager to have a picture taken, and even asked to see it afterwards. They were happy with the result 😉

After the temple, we went to visit Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – a truly spectacular place. You will find the largest and most picturesque expanse of paddies in Bali and perhaps the whole of Indonesia here. It’s only a pity we had  limited time. I would have loved to explore more of it – take a walk , enjoy the nature, breathe in and relax. Believe me, there is nothing more you would want to do – just relax.

This place is a must visit on your trip to Bali – and I would suggest spending the whole day (or at least a half of it) there.

The vastness of the rice fields! I miss it already. But I hope we will be back for more. We have to.

So this is it for this part. I decided to split the blog in 2 parts, and it will come later this evening. It is impossible to pack everything in one post! 😀

Love, V.


A blissful Sunday


Hello, you guys! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday 😉

Today, on my way to work I had to see this beautiful sunrise – and I had to stop for a snap(and – I am so happy I had my camera with me!)! I love sunrises and sunsets a lot, I love SUN a lot, as you may have guessed, so this combination of fog and sun rays made it extra special!

And for me, being a sun person, collecting as much warmth and nature’s beauty is essential. It just makes everything better. ♥ So I wanted to share it with you! 😉

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I am going to visit my mom a bit later, as it is Mother’s Day in Lithuania (in Norway they celebrate it in February). Hopefully, we will get to see an amazing sunset while having some coffee and cakes 🙂

Talk to you the coming week – I have so many pictures to share, but not enough time – but I hope I will manage to deal with that 😀 😉

  Love, V.